“A very great need to keep his words pure”- Mukti Mata

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Paramahansaji ~~ ‘…those teachings will be, the Lessons will be, my voice when I am gone.’ 

Sri Daya Mata “One of the greatest responsibilites that Gurudeva placed upon the shoulders of Daya Ma and his other disciples was this: As I have brought this teaching to you and kept it pure as it was given to me by God and my Guru, so I give you this responsibility: keep it pure, undiluted by anything’…and that is why you see that neither Daya Ma nor any of these other disciples have attempted or presumed in any way to change or to dilute with personal innovations what he taught.”

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Mukti Mata, a senior SRF minister, came to the Guru in 1945; she served as Daya Mataji’s first secretary after she had been put in charge of the Mt. Washington Mother Center by Paramahansaji in the last years before his mahasamadhi.

It’s interesting for me to look back over those years and think of the training [Paramahansaji] gave to her (Daya Mata) and also to Mrinalini Mata who is our Vice-President today [and President 2011-2017].  Daya Ma took care of Master’s correspondence, she recorded all his lectures.  And I remember for years she had boxes of shorthand notebooks to transcribe.  And she did them, in her spare time, of which there was none (chuckles).  But we can be grateful today for Man’s Eternal Quest, The Divine Romance, and Journey to Self-realization, as well as other writings.

So the Lord does not leave us empty handed, you understand.

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Master left special instructions with Ma in particular, and included her sister Sri Ananda Ma who was her sister two years younger than she.  Protecting a work as great as this requires divine dedication, pure divine dedication, and much hard work, willingness to work.

Several times I overheard Master say to her that he wanted his Lessons, his books, everything pertaining to him and to the mission he’s brought on earth to be distributed here from his headquarters. And the reason for that is because there is a very great need to keep his words pure.

He selected with great care those who edited his works. Tara Mata was the first–brilliant woman–and I many times saw her face sort of metamorphose into Master’s. She really would look like him at times, especially when she was expounding the scriptures—Vedic truths that go back eons. And Mrinalini Mata he trained especially, too, to follow through in the same way later. It’s not just a matter of language or knowing grammar to be able to edit such works, you have to know his thoughts; you have to know what Master was trying to convey to all of us. Because he used to say ‘those teachings will be, the Lessons will be, my voice when I am gone.’ 

And I’m sure you’ve all noticed this, I certainly have over the years. Any time I am reading something of Master’s, it’s as though he is actually speaking to me. Those words mean so much, there is life and living to them. I can read other writings about saints, etc., beautifully written, but the vibration is different. So that vibration must be maintained. That was his reason for leaving those instructions with her.

from “Like the Light From Heaven”: Remembering Life With Paramahansa Yogananda – mp3 download (Mukti Mata)



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