Paramahansaji Speaks to Mrinalini Mata about His Successors and the Work


As Master said, “When I am gone, the teachings will be the Guru.”  I heard him say that.  He said it to me because I asked what would be that continuity.  He said, “When I am gone the teachings will be the Guru.”  And then he made a reference, he said, “The Sikhs had that.”  There were ten, I think there were a lineage of ten gurus and after that it was declared that their scripture would be henceforth the lineage of the Guru…

And I remember at the desert in those last days and I said to Master once, because he was speaking of when he would no longer be with us.  And again it was in relation to the Lessons, I was trying to think of the continuity.  And I said, “But Master, who will carry on after you?”  I said, “You have appointed Rajarsi, we know that. But beyond that how will this lineage, in other words, be carried on.  And he said, “You all whom I have trained, you know my wishes, you will do it. You will carry on.”  And I said, “Yes but I mean after Rajarsi, the presidency.  And he looked at me and he said, “God and Gurus already know who they are, and when the time comes it will be divinely revealed. There will always be at the head of this organization men and women of divine realization.”

 teachings will be the guru

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Master said to us, and it was not unique as we later found, that after I am gone, because this work is a special dispensation, none other shall take the title of guru, I am the last in the line of gurus, this is God’s will.  And he further said to us, he or she who will hold that position as President will be my channel, my representative.  The Guru therefore lives on in his omnipresence.  The Guru also lives in his living representative.  But out of that devotion and reverence for our line of gurus and the will of God, no other will take that title of Guru.

It has saddened us that some who knew Paramahansaji have said, “I am his successor.  I am now the guru now that he is no longer in form.”  This is sad.  We know that this is not the Divine Will.

There is in India what they call guru-parampara that is the bestowing of the mantle from guru to chela to successor.  This certainly continues.  I know that when Gurudev left his body that night that mantle fell to Daya Matji and to Rajarsi for a time, for we knew because Guruji had told us that Rajarsi would not be long in the body after he left his own form, and we knew that Master had chosen Daya Ma as that  successor, and that mantle of his rests upon her shoulders as that representative.

An argument was presented to me some time ago by one who was teaching Guruji’s teachings and representing, “But we were all representatives of Master!”  I thought “Oh, no I don’t wish to be a representative of Gurudev.  Let us rather be servants and disciples of Gurudev.  There is only one representative and that is whom the guru chooses to lead  the divine dispensation that at God’s will was founded in this organization.  It is better that the rest of us think that we are nothing more than his chelas, his servants, and that we are grateful and that we are joyous beyond measure when, and if, he chooses on occasion to use us as a channel or as an instrument, but never let us think it is I, it is I.

Often when the guru dies the work dies out.  On the contrary.  We will see that though Guru left his body so many years ago, Guru’s spiritual family, his society is growing with such blessings, with such leaps and bounds, so to speak.  Why?  It is because those whom Guru blessed to represent him and to lead this organization as his spokesmen have had that humility, have had that divinity, and have kept before all those who came that image of God alone, Guru alone.  That is how this work has been strong and this is why this is the work as Gurudev predicted, it is the religion of a new age.  “It will begin,” as he said, “as a gentle zephyr and it will gradually increase in power and force until it will, as a mighty wind, will help to sweep away the impurities of the world and the darkness in the lives of God’s children.”

quote above excerpted from ~
Mrinalini Mata, “The Guru: The Messenger of Truth” CD talk 1978

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