Paramahansaji’s 1948 Great Samadhi, Completing His Writings ~~ Daya Mataji

“The vibration in that room was unbelievable; it was like walking into God…”

 Great Samadhi chair

In the Gita, the zenith of Krishna’s revelations to Arjuna comes in Chapter XI, the “vision of visions.”  The Lord reveals His cosmic form: universes upon universes, inconceivably vast, created and sustained by the infinite omnipotence of Spirit which is simultaneously aware of…every thought, feeling, and action of every being on the material and heavenly planes of existence.

We witnessed the omnipresence of a guru’s consciousness, and therefore his sphere of spiritual influence, when Paramahansa Yogananda was blessed with a similar universal vision.  In June 1948, from late evening throughout the night until about ten o’clock the next morning, a few of us disciples were privileged to glimpse something of this unique experience through his ecstatic description of the cosmic revelation as it unfolded.

That awe-inspiring event foretold that his time on earth was drawing to a close.  Soon after this, Paramahansaji began to remain more and more in seclusion in a small ashram in the Mojave Desert, devoting as much as possible of the time that was left to him to completing his writings.  Those periods of concentration on the literary message he wished to leave to the world were a privileged time for those of us who could be in his presence.  He was completely absorbed, completely at one with the truths he was perceiving within and expressing outwardly.  “He came into the yard for a few minutes,” recalled one of the monks working on the grounds around Paramahansaji’s retreat. “There was a look of incalculable remoteness in his eyes, and he said to me: `The three worlds are floating in me like bubbles.’ The sheer power radiating from him actually moved me back several steps away from him.”

Another monk, entering the room where Guruji was working, remembers: “The vibration in that room was unbelievable; it was like walking into God.”

“I dictate scriptural interpretations and letters all day, “ Paramahandaji wrote to a student during this period, “With eyes closed to the world, but open always in heaven.”

Daya Mata, from the preface “God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita,” Paramahansa Yogananda


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