Lawsuit Against Ananda by a Former Ananda Member

from SRF Letter To Members – Answering Allegations, p. 5

Lawsuit against Ananda by a former Ananda member_Fotor


Ananda’s letter refers in general terms to another recent lawsuit, allegedly being funded and promoted by SRF in order to harm Ananda.  The truth is that SRF had nothing to do with this matter.*  The suit was filed against Donald Walters and one of the other senior Ananda ministers by a former Ananda member.  While Ananda’s letter claims that this lawsuit has “a purely religious significance, and [is] therefore nonjusticiable in a court of secular law,” in actuality the charges are of sexual harassment.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on the case in its Novermber 25, 1994 edition:

“According to the complaint, Walters has used the church as a ‘mechanism for the sexual exploitation of women’ since 1969 while claiming to be celibate and a ‘direct channel to God.’

The suit identifies eight other women, either by name or initials, as victims of sexual harassment in the church.”

We understand that this is still in process.

*SRF filed a legal declaration with the court on February 16, 1995, categorically refuting Ananda’s allegations of our involvement with this lawsuit.  The documents pertaining to this case are a matter of public record at the San Mateo County Courthouse in California.


[In 1998 the court found Mr. Walters and Ananda Church guilty on all charges.]

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