TARA MATA ~ Praises from Paramahansaji

Master AY Tara Mata collage

One of Paramahansaji’s earliest disciples (since 1924), Tara Mata served her Guru as Editor-in-Chief and as Vice President of the SRF board of directors until her passing in 1971.

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Paramahansaji  ~~ “She is a great yogi…who lived many lives hidden away from the world in India.  She has come in this life to serve this work, as did many of you who have lived other lives in India.  God has brought you all here to help me spread the message of Kriya Yoga.”  


Tara Mata (after meeting Paramahansaji): “I see there is no reason for me to travel to India.  The India that I was seeking has come to me.”  


“She is a genius…Excepting him [Sri Yukteswar], there is no one with whom I have more enjoyed talking of wisdom and philosophy than my Laurie.”  ~~ Paramahansaji


 “It is not necessary for her to meditate in this life.  By editing my writings, and because she came here a highly realized soul, she does not require this. I have already set her place for her in heaven.” ~~ Paramahansaji


“Laurie is like a child: without guile; innocent, trusting, loving. But once she begins to see deviousness in anyone toward Self-Realization Fellowship, watch out! She is like a lion roaring.”  ~~ Paramahansaji


“What Miss Pratt has done for this book [Autobiography of a Yogi] I cannot begin to describe…But for her, the book would never have gone through. … She has martyred herself for this work.”  Paramahansaji


  Daya Mataji ~~ “The quality of loyalty she had to a degree I have seen in few human beings.  She was absolutely unflinching, unbending, when it came to Gurudeva and his work.  He could count on her as one of those disciples who would stand by his side “amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”  And I have lost one of my most prized and most loved friends.  She knew how to give friendship.  Even when she differed from you, or you differed from her, she knew how to stand by your side…And humble as few are humble.”


Describing her work with Paramahansa Yogananda on his writings, Tara Mata wrote the following to an acquaintance in 1937 (at the time, Paramahansaji was composing commentaries on the scriptures).

“He gets it entirely from inspiration.  In fact, it is only through him that I know what ‘inspired books’ really means.  He will come to a passage which is so obscure that it defies all possibility of plain interpretation.  He will look blankly at me or one of his other secretaries for a while, close his eyes, and presently out will come the whole plain meaning.  I tell you it has been an education and a privilege to help with this wonderful book.  My end is pure grammar, arrangement, etc.  None of the interpretation is anyone’s but Swamiji’s.” 


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