Memorial Tribute to Sri DURGA MATA ~ by Daya Mata

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When Master went into a deep period of samadhi, he often came out with a new chant, giving expression in words to what he had perceived…he used to repeat them over and over again until, as he said, they would become “spiritualized.” What he meant was that he chanted them repeatedly until he had realized through actual experience the spiritual perception behind every word that he put into those chants. He chanted them not with just his voice, but with his heart and mind and especially his soul. And when we chanted with him, if we really threw ourselves into the chanting, his spiritualized perceptions overflowed from his consciousness into our own, giving us a glimpse of the wondrous, blissful communion he was experiencing. Master’s words are so inspiring and so deep. Just tune in with them as you chant. As Master used to say, “Those who tune in more, receive more.” So when you chant, do so with feeling, and you will receive what he found when he chanted.

from Chanting for Deep Meditation, Durga Mata

2 Durga Mata Memoriam 1_FotorSee also ~ Stories of Durga Mata ~ by Devotee Sebastian

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