The Teaching of Kriya Yoga

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The Kriya technique is the spiritual baptism of the SRF path, and with the Kriya Pledge the devotee enters into the eternal guru-disciple relationship with Paramahansaji and the SRF line of Gurus. …

Owing to the shortage of monastics in the early years, Paramahansaji gave permission to a few householder disciples to give Kriya under the auspices of Self-Realization Fellowship. As his life on earth drew to a close, and he saw the need to clarify the guidelines that would set the course for the future, he stipulated that Kriya was to be given only by the monastics of the SRF Order from then on. The policy originated by him, which has been in effect since 1952, states:

“Only the president, as the channel of Paramahansa Yogananda, has the authority to initiate in the Kriya Yoga. By virtue of the spiritual authority vested in the president, [he or she] may designate an ordained minister of the Church to conduct a Kriya Yoga ceremony, such designation to be reviewed annually.” ….

It was Paramahansaji himself who established…from the earliest years of his mission, when he would ask those who attended his Kriya initiations to repeat a pledge of loyalty and devotion upon entering the guru-disciple relationship. On numerous occasions he referred specifically to the importance of the Kriyaban’s link with the SRF Mother Center. Writing to Tara Mata about some material he was sending her for inclusion of one of his books, he said:

“I am sending to you immediately the wonderful things that came to me about Kriya Yoga and pranayama. Please strictly refrain from describing the technique of Kriya Yoga, which is indelibly a part of our work for disciples only…Kriya Yoga indeed has a very popular appeal…Everybody is anxious to receive it after reading the book [Autobiography of a Yogi], and I am giving it to them only after they have received their foundation in the Praecepta [SRF] Lessons. The Science of Kriya Yoga will be learned from SRF Headquarters.”

In a handwritten note titled Kriya Yoga (see photos, this page), Paramahansaji expressed the thoughts to be conveyed to new initiates about the close association between Kriya, SRF and the line of Gurus [excerpts of note]:

“This is not the end of your relationship with SRF or Kriya Yoga—but the beginning. Keep contact with headquarters and you will be linked with the masters, by which salvation is reached quickly…Some take Kriya Yoga and become fully satisfied and forget all about the link of the masters—they will never reach God.

“Kriya Yoga is the fastest airplane route to God, but it has to be piloted by the gurus—SRF teachings regularly received.”*



A God-realized guru can help his disciples whether or not he is in physical form. Out of his love for the countless generations of truth-seekers to come, Paramahansaji left in his Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons a spiritual legacy infused with his divine power and blessings. He promised that disciples who came after his passing would have the same opportunity to find God-union as did those who knew him personally—through practice of his teachings as given in the Lessons.

“The SRF Lessons,” he said, “are impregnated with the spirit of great masters.”  If you study them with reverence and deep attention, along with the practice of deep meditation, you will be in touch with the divine link of our masters, and will be lifted into the kingdom of Cosmic Consciousness.”

Thousands of loyal members of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India revere Paramahansa Yogananda and his line of Gurus as their eternal link with God. We know from countless letters received at the Mother Center that the guidance, intercession and ceaseless blessings of these divine ones is an ever-present benediction in the lives of SRF Kriya Yogis all over the world.

[*Footnote: A number of other teachers are including in their work some of the techniques that Paramahansaji taught, including Kriya Yoga. We leave it to each individual to follow the spiritual path in his or her own way. Those who come to Self-Realization Fellowship receive from us the teachings of our Guru, including Kriya Yoga, according to the instructions he left with us. Our sole aim is to walk in his footsteps, following his guidelines. We are not able to vouch for the activities of others who are also teachings in his name. But we hold goodwill toward all who are striving to help others.]

excerpted from an SRF Letter to Members, 1995

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  1. As I could understand, Gurudeva advised and authorised YSSI/SRF only to ensure the purity of his mission and hence all interested persons should make contact only with SRF (outside India) and YSSI in India for his teachings and Kriya Yoga initiation. Hence, I for one opted for YSSI in India.

  2. Such a valuable gesture you have so lovingly taken upon yourself. Much needed and in my opinion will save many from being led unnecessarily up the garden path. I’m sure God, Guruji and the Great Ones are aware of the deceptions created by the charlatans that prey on the innocent and your efforts will make their work a little more difficult. May God and Guru’s Bless your good intensions, and I give you my whole-hearted support, Jai Guru, Billy.

  3. I am 64 years aged and very much interested to practice the Ultimate Meditation
    * KRIYA YOGA *. I know the greatness of * KRIYA YOGA *.
    I have gone through the great book
    OKA YOGI AATHMAKATHA (Autobiography of a Yogi).
    I can’t sit in Padmasana position.
    What I have to do? And from where I have to learn practice to get blessings of our GURU MAHODHAYAS ? Please sir inform me. And also try to understand my problem because I am very poor in English .

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