BROTHER PREMAMOY – “The majestic tree of a saintly life”


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BROTHER PREMAMOY  (1910 – Oct. 5, 1990) led an incredible life.  He was born into a family of nobility in Europe; he decided he was a Hindu as a child–before he knew what a Hindu was.  He became a world famous mountain climber, an accomplished musician* and spoke 11 languages.  He had connections with the monastic order of St. Francis and was a frequent visitor to the Vatican.

“Through all these experiences, Bro. Premamoy absorbed a rare quality of nobility and culture, as well as a deep understanding of the ideals of spiritual community.”

He was active in the resistance during World War II, was captured and sent to three different concentration camps where he brought inspiration to fellow inmates.  He was invited to immigrate to the US after his country was taken over by the communists and offered a position as personal assistant to the Secretary General of the United Nations.

But instead Bro. Premamoy, having been given Autobiography of a Yogi, answered a higher calling and left for Mt. Washington where he was immediately met and lovingly ‘welcomed home’ by Rajarsi Janakananda.

…it was in 1965 that he began the work for which he will be always remembered – his role as an instrument in the founding of a structured spiritual training program for postulant monks of the Self-Realization Order… Bro. Premamoy forged a remarkable spirit of harmony, cooperation, and loyalty — a monumental contribution to Paramahansa Yogananda’s society that has made possible much of its progress in recent years.”

Br Premamoyji seated on extreme right behind Br. Anandamoyji

Daya Mata and Sw. Shyamananda, head of YSS; monks from left rear: Bhavananda, Dharamananda, Mokshananda, Turiyananda, Achalananda, Anandamoy, Premamoy

Daya Mataji ~~ “What we so admired in him was the quality of his character.  His loving nature uniquely fitted him for the role of spiritual father to monks taking their first steps on the path of renunciation.  For twenty-six years he guided so many with a father’s discriminative wisdom and a mother’s gentle compassion, expressing the completeness and balance that is the hallmark of our Guru.  Nothing inspires a deeper desire for God than to see the seeds of spiritual ideals grown in the majestic tree of a saintly life…”

*Brother Premamoy’s organ renditions of Paramahansa Yogananda’s chants, “In the Land Beyond My Dreams” may be found here

Below is Brother’s Memoriam article from Self-Realization Magazine with more of the amazing details of the life of this great monk.


(l-r) Brothers Santoshananda, Anandamoy, Premamoy

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