Stories of Daya Mataji ~ Bro. Paramananda, devotee notes

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1. One time Ma and the board of directors (?) were together having a meal. Bro. P. was called in by Ma. She asked him if he would clear the table and wash the dishes. He said, yes…of course! The kitchen was down a little further so basically from the room where the directors were, they could not see inside the kitchen, however, it was still near by. Brother gathered the dishes and items and brought them to the kitchen. He picked up the first glass and gently began to lower it in a sink of soapy water. Before he knew what had happened the glass just exploded in his hand. He looked at it and saw a big piece of glass sticking out of it and his hand was bleeding. He looked around for a moment and then heard Ma’s voice coming from the other room: “Brucey, just pull out the glass and grab the towel nearby and wrap it around your hand”. Brother did what she said. He thought….’how did she know? She can’t see from where she is?’ He went into the room where she was, a little stunned but didn’t say anything. Ma said, you better go to______ (don’t remember which monastic) and then go and get it looked at. You probably will need stitches. Brother looked a little bewildered and wanted to ask her what he had been thinking but he didn’t say anything at that time, just did what she asked.

Later, another day when he next had the opportunity to be in her presence…he brought it up. (He had six stitches). So he asked Ma, how did you know…. She said…’well, what did you want me to do…pick up a hot rod like Babaji!’.  [Referring to Babaji striking a disciple on the shoulder with the hot coal rather than have him burned in a fire; see Autobiography of a Yogi.- Yogananda Site]


2. Another time, Bro. P was traveling with Ma and her sister Ananda Mata. They were at an excavation site where archaeologists were carefully digging at the site.  Ma was absolutely fascinated and was intently watching one particular man who was on his knees carefully brushing away at the dirt where there were dinosaur bones embedded. Ma stood there quietly observing and then began to ask the man many scientific questions. Bro. P. said that the depth of her questions and the scientific terms she was using were amazing. He turned and looked at Ananda Ma, with a look of “what? [and again…] how does she know what to ask!” But Ananda Ma lifted her hand as if to say…’quiet…just wait.’ Ma continued with her lively and very informed conversation and the gentleman became intrigued and alive. When the talk ended he said to her…”what university are you from?” Ma responded that she was a nun. The stunned man had thought she was equal to being a colleague of the same studies he had dedicated his life to. Later, Bro. P asked about this event. (Sorry I can’t remember whether he asked Ma directly or Ananda Ma). What happened was that Ma perceived that this gentleman was very sad deep inside. He felt that he was worthless, he did not believe in himself and didn’t think that all his studies amounted to anything. Ma lifted him up and made him realize his true value…she asked just the right questions that brought him that awareness of the knowledge that he had in his field and he regained his self-worth…not to mention feeling of elevation from Ma’s presence.

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3. I believe it was at Mother Center (but it may in fact have been at another residence…possibly India…sorry again for my memory). It was very very cold and Ma was wrapped warmly in her usual robe with a scarf around her head. She called him…”Brucey, come I want you to see something.” Just outside of her room was a balcony overlooking a garden and on her balcony was a bird bath. She said “I want to tell you something…I love coming out here and just sitting in silence, watching the birds and the visiting creatures”. She would sit quietly and very still and they would come. One time as she was watching the birds on a misty morning, just behind the bird bath appeared St. Francis. The birds sat on his shoulders, and head, and the little squirrels climbed on him. Then he looked at her with a smile and lifted his hand (like when one gives a blessings or greeting). Then he disappeared. Bro. P. said, if you could have seen her describe it…with the sweetness and purity of a little child…with such humility. She said: “Oh how Master loved St. Francis!”.

*from a devotee’s notes

Bro. Paramananda

Below Bro. Paramananda before becoming an SRF Monk.  Elvis Presley, who used to visit Lake Shrine and Daya Mata, once said to Bro. Paramananda, “Man, you made the right choice!”


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