The Power of DEVOTION, a Yogananda Story~ Bro. Anandamoy


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Before I came into the ashram there was a young man who was in Encinitas, and he had heard nothing about Master or the teachings, Self-Realization Fellowship.  And he just happened to walk through the gate at Encinitas. And he felt wonderful peace there, and the beauty of the grounds. And he looked around, and the Master was outside. And (Master) saw him and said, “You! You shouldn’t have come this time!” And he went up to him and blessed him, and he invited him to stay.

And later on Master explained that young man had been his disciple in a previous incarnation, and he had left the teachings and done all kinds of things wrong. And because of that bad karma, according to the law of cause and effect, in this life he should not have come back to the teachings.

But, the Master said, because he had DEVOTION, it was that devotion which transcended the law of karma, and it was that devotion which brought him back to the path again.

And then I entered the ashram and then for a little bit I was put in charge of that young man. And that bad karma was still there, you know (laughter from the audience). Devotion brought him back into the ashram. But he was an utter nuisance (laughter), utter nuisance. Whatever he did turned out wrong, it was absolutely terrible (laughter).

And finally Master sent him to Phoenix (lots of laughter) because they had started there a beginning of a little temple. And that wasn’t the end of it because that young man used to call Master constantly. And to be sure that Master had time for him, he’d call Master at two or three o’clock in the morning, and always collect (laughter).

Then in the beginning of 1950, when Master went out to the desert to be free from the distraction of the organization, in order to be in seclusion to finish his writings, before he left he said, ‘Now for heaven’s sakes, don’t tell him where I am!’ (lots of laughter) ‘I want to be free for my work.’ And not even all the monastics knew where Master was, we knew he was out in the desert area. And then Master called me out there, too, and I was there for several months…and one day as I was working outside, a car pulls up, stops, out comes ____, hmm? (lots of laughter)

And he said, “Tell Master I’m here.” (lots of laughter) “Got to see him.” And I said, “WHO told YOU where Master is?”

He said, ‘Nobody.’ He said, “I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I sat in the car and I drove off and prayed to God to lead me to Master, and here I am.”

Bro. Anandamoy: “DEVOTION.” (huge laughter)

Master said since God is not bound by his cosmic law, devotion is also necessary to summon his attention.  Devotional demand is greater than law, the law of cause and effect, because it touches the heart of God and makes him answer his naughty and good children alike.

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