Kriyananda’s Removal from SRF, continued

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from the SRF Letter To Members, 1995 – Answering Allegations

 Mr. Walters’ removal from SRF, Historical background, continued

“…Over the years, Mr. Walters has expressed his opinion about SRF and its leaders through letters and other writings. In the past five years, this letter writing campaign has escalated and has become increasingly derogatory and inflammatory in nature. At least a dozen open letters written by Mr. Walters and other of his organization’s leaders, have been distributed to Ananda members as well as (unsolicited) to members of Self-Realization Fellowship. The open letter referred to above is the latest in this series. …”

SRF has not responded publicly to these highly derogatory letters; nor have we, out of respect for Mr. Walters’ privacy, engaged in any public discussion of the circumstances that made it necessary for the SRF board to ask Mr. Walters to resign.* 

[Yogananda Site: One may find insight into the spiritual principle underlying SRF’s policy not to discuss publicly the private affairs of others in The Second Coming of Christ, Discourse 30 by Paramahansa Yogananda]

*Footnote: Ananda’s September 30, 1995 open letter claims that Mr. Walters was dismissed unfairly, and that this decision was based on an “emotional analysis of his motives for action.”  Such a claim forces us to clarify, however, that it was not a subjective analysis of his motives that led to his dismissal, but specific actions of his—his basic pattern of behavior, and that the situation was discussed with him on many occasions in the months before his departure.  One such conversation is documented in a letter Sri Daya Mata wrote from India to the Board members in America on August 25, 1961:

“We talked with Kr [sic] pointing out to him all the complaints of the Board against his behavior…and we even made it clear that we were prepared, if necessary, to take steps to remove him from the Board.”


On a personal level, however, we have made numerous attempts to achieve a greater understanding with him, even encouraging him to continue serving the work of Paramahansaji wherever he was.  see p. 2 of the SRF letter to read a letter written to him by Daya Mataji

Footnote:  “In a letter written during the time Mr. Walters was in charge of coordinating the activities of our centers and meditation groups, he himself explained very clearly the principles by which SRF abides—principles he now apparently rejects:

Mr. Walters/Kriyananda: “…as an organization, we are forced to take certain stands that would not be necessary for us if we did not have the welfare of other members to consider.  When, for instance, an SRF teacher misuses his position as a representative of the Fellowship to undermine the faith of other devotees, how can we continue to recognize him as a teacher?  It may be said that the teacher is not undermining people’s faith in the Gurus—only in their organization.  But can we truly love Master and not love his work?  Can we be truly loyal to Master and not be loyal to his work?  Can we honestly presume that those whom he spent years training and testing do not know what he wanted, or that they do not have the best interests of his work sincerely at heart?…

For us, this is not a personal issue…let people criticize us, if they like; let them even condemn us.  They have our good will regardless of their attitude toward us.  But when they start to spread inharmony among the members, it ceases to be merely a personal matter.  The welfare of others and of Master’s precious work become involved.”


SRF leaders have corresponded with Mr. Walters and have also met with him personally on a number of occasions since his resignation, in an effort to seek harmony.  Such correspondence has occurred even recently, despite Mr. Walters’ disparaging public letters.  For example, Daya Mataji wrote to him in 1994:  “In all these years, there has never been a similar attempt by SRF’s leaders to publish or circulate any derogatory information about you or Ananda…we harbor no ill will toward you or anyone at Ananda.  We seek to live in peace, and justice for Master’s work, yet want harmony with devotees such as yourself.  We would hope we can respect one another’s right to disagree, but also endeavor to meet on some common ground.  May that be our goal.”

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