UMA MATA, Direct Disciple ~ Finding the Guru at Age Nine

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UMA MATA is a direct disciple of Paramahansaji and an SRF nun since 1947; she is a member of the Board of Directors

“This is What I’ve Been Seeking”

I was sitting on the upper steps and the curtains parted and I saw Guruji standing there with folded hands, and the beauty of his divinity was such that I really find it very difficult to describe.  He was magnificently beautiful, and I remember that the lights shining on his hair made his hair look like thousands of little lights dancing because it shimmered so.  But it was his eyes–they were so magnificently beautiful, blue-black eyes. And in those eyes he reflected such love, such peace, such joy.  I was absolutely transfixed.  At last I felt that I had come home.

I don’t recall any of what Guruji said specifically.  All I know is that whatever took place, it was in my soul.  And it was as though I had a sponge, I was a sponge, absorbing the feeling, the well-being of what was taking place.  It was really very thrilling.  I knew that at last I had found what I was seeking and that Guruji knew God.  There was no question about it.  And that is why I felt I had finally found that which meant the greatest to me.

And the other thing that I was so impressed with was whenever you would see people in Guruji’s presence they absorbed something of Guruji.  They became beautiful.  By that I mean there was a light that enveloped them.  And that light came from Guruji.  He was like that.  I mean when I first met him, on that first occasion when I saw him, it was like a halo around Guruji.  Such light came from his body.  It was an aura of light, and it was as if he would give of himself to others.  And I would see these individuals, they would leave Guruji’s presence, and you could see that they took some of that with them. It changed their lives.

He was very beautiful, he never held anything back.  He gave freely of himself, of his time, of his service.  He tried to help people in whatever way they needed to be helped.

(Uma Mata below on left taking final vows, Sister Revati middle, Daya Mataji standing, 1955)

Sri Daya Mataji giving sanyas diksha to Uma Mataji and Revati ji August 21, 1955_Fotor


First Encounters with Autobiography of a Yogi

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UMA MATA on right, Mukti Mata middle, Sister Priya

Uma Mata~ When I met Paramahansa Yogananda in 1943 I was nine years old.  My father was a Self-Realization Fellowship member and attended services at the temple in San Diego.  In 1947 I read his copy of Autobiography of a Yogi, which Paramahansaji had given him.  My father was very unassuming and never tried to influence others with his own beliefs.  As a result, he never even showed me the book — I came across it accidentally.  It took me a while to read it — I was quite young and the book contained some rather large words!  But from the beginning, Autobiography of a Yogi has been a haven for me, a healing balm for my soul….Above all, Autobiography of a Yogi shows that it is possible for us to know God.


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