Farewell Tribute to the Golden Lotus Temple, April 1943, Inner Culture

Since the loss by landslide last year (1942) of the Golden Lotus Temple of All Religions at Encinitas, two new Self-Realization Temples have been born.


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God Gives Reason

Before the temple went, Paramhansaji asked God why He was allowing the evil war karma and Satan to destroy it. He got the reply, “Satan is trying to test your love for me. You love the temple so much; its loss will prove whether you become angry with Me and thereby show you love the temple more than Me or whether you love Me just the same, ignoring the loss of the temple.”

Then Paramhansaji was inspired to write the following prayer to God:

“In sickness or health,
In sorrow or joy,
In poverty or prosperity,
In disaster or security,
In death or life,
I stand unalterably, immutably, unchangeably
LOYAL, DEVOTED and LOVING to Thee, my Heavenly Father
Forever, forever and forever.”

Many More Temples

So Paramhansaji rose above the satisfied thought of having already created the most perfect Golden Lotus Temple. He publicly announced, “The crucifixion of Golden Lotus Temple must be the cause for its resurrection and the birth of many other such temples.”

So out of the death of Golden Lotus Temple two other great temples were immediately born.


The first was the Hollywood Self-Realization Church of all Religions. This is more beautiful inside than the Golden Lotus Temple. It has a stage with blue silk curtains electrically operated. The entire church is carpeted in blue, with comfortable opera chairs. It has priceless stained glass windows and dome. The stage and balcony are encased in gorgeous gold framing. The church has a lovely pipe organ. Paramhansaji designed this temple after the pattern of an exquisite small theatre. He always said that as beautiful expensive places are erected in honor of pleasure, why should not much more beautiful places be erected in honor of God and His worship?

The whole temple is reflected in a large pool filled with pet fish. It has extensive grounds with an arched gate. Here on alternate Sundays Paramhansaji speaks to rapt audiences…

This Self-Realization Church of All Religions is one of the most distinctive and popular churches in Hollywood. Everyone who comes here finds a homelike yet very beautiful artistic vibration. At the front of the church is a spacious lawn opening on famous Sunset Boulevard where thousands of cars are continually rolling up and down. Facing the church is the inspiring Olive Hill with a background of the famous planetarium and a range of beautiful mountains…

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church front

New San Diego Church

The second and latest temple to be born out of the loss of Golden Lotus Temple is a beautiful church in San Diego. Located on a horseshoe-shaped hill overlooking the city and the sea, it is surrounded by tall eucalyptus and pine trees. This huge cement building was formerly used as an educational center known as Bishop’s School. It is now divided into apartments with an auditorium seating about 200 people. This is the most solid and strongest building owned by Self-Realization Fellowship.

The church will be far more useful than the Golden Lotus Temple for the students and people of San Diego who can easily get to the services shortly to be held there. Such students are overjoyed about the acquiring of this temple, so centrally and beautifully located.

After all, these two temples would not have come so quickly unless Paramhansa Yogananda had been spurred on by the crucifixion of the Golden Lotus Temple.

This new temple will be known as the San Diego Self-Realization Temple of all Religions. It is situated at 3022-28 1st Avenue (between Quince and Redwood Streets.) It includes half an acre of city property with street cars and busses passing in front of it, six minutes from the heart of the city.

Paramhansaji told Mr. and Mrs. Kennell, his most devoted friends and disciples, once when they were visiting Encinitas, “Go and search for a temple in San Diego. I feel God is going to work through you to accomplish it.” It was through their utmost penetrating minds and search that they found this beautiful place as well as many other places in San Diego for the prospective Church.  But when Paramhansaji saw the place on First Avenue, he said, “My mind does not go anywhere else after seeing the Bishop’s School building.”

Farewell Tribute to the Golden Lotus Temple, April 1943, Inner Culture

aerial photo hermitage, cliffs

Golden Lotus Temple falls, inner culture.jpg

Golden Lotus Temple falls, inner culture2

Golden Lotus Temple falls, inner culture3

Golden Lotus Temple falls, inner culture4


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