Healing by God’s Unlimited Power ~ Letters from SRF devotees

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JULY, 1956 Self-Realization Magazine




There are three kinds of sickness: physical, mental, and spiritual. Physical sickness is due to different forms of toxic conditions, infectious disease, and accidents. Mental sickness is caused by fear, worry, anger. and similar emotional inharmonies. Soul sickness is due to man’s ignorance of his true relationship with God.

Ignorance is the supreme disease. When one banishes ignorance he has also banished the causes of all physical, mental, and spiritual disease.

Trying to overcome various kinds of suffering by the limited power of material curative methods is often disappointing. Only in the unlimited power of spiritual methods may man find a permanent cure for physical, mental, and soul dis-ease. The boundless power of healing is to be sought in God. If you have lost your health, you can be healed through His power. If you have suffered mentally by the loss of loved ones, you can find them again in God. All things are possible with His help.

Doctors try to learn the causes of disease and to remove those causes so that the illnesses do not recur. In using many definite material methods of cure, doctors are often very skillful. However, not every disease responds to medicine and surgery, and therein lies their essential limitation.

Chemicals and medicines affect only the outer physical composition of the bodily cells and do not alter the inner atomic structure or life-principle of the cells. In many cases no cure of disease is possible until the healing power of God has corrected from within the imbalance of “lifetrons”‘ or life-energy in the body. When the atomic balance of the physical cells is restored by the divine power, the healing is perfect… (extract)

1 Letters from SRF Students, July 1956_Fotor_Fotor



“To me the Self-Realization teaching is the ultimate; there is no other path on earth that even approaches the depth of the tremendous well of spiritual satisfaction and knowledge that Yogananda has opened up for us. It is virtually a fountain that bubbles with joy and happiness: the same water that Jesus spoke of when He was on earth.’—J.H., Boulder, Colorado.

“It would be impossible to tell in words what I have gained through Master and Self-Realization Fellowship. And when I reflect that I am only a beginner on the royal highway to God-realization, then I become overwhelmed with joy, thinking forward on the golden pearls of peace, love, and wisdom— the divine Goal of all beings:— T.R., Hastveda, Sweden.

“Several weeks ago, seemingly out of a clear sky, my wife told me that she, also, would like to become a student and follow the path of Self-Realization. Imagine, if you can, how happy I was to hear her expressing such a desire. My wife is a wonderful person, but not religiously inclined; I had never tried to influence her about her spiritual outlook. In my morning and evening meditations I kept asking our Father to help her to awaken spiritually; so that when she finally expressed a desire to enter the path, I offered our Father and our Gurus a prayer of thanks.
“I asked her what had made her want the lessons. She answered that it was the change she had noticed in me; and that as long as our Father saw fit to make us man and wife, we should try to be at the same level, to make a happier life and to help each other to grow spiritually. What more may any husband ask for?”— J.N., Bronx, N.Y.

“The energizing exercises give me a feeling of strength and freshness in the entire body. The Hong Sau technique, which I practice with more and more joy, gives me a deep inner calm, forgetfulness of the body, new strength, and deep inner joy. I forget my body and my surroundings and feel at one with God.”—SS., Duisburg-Meiderich, Germany.

“For four years I suffered with a severe arthritic condition in the spine. The pains were acute and I could not work nor walk straight. My physician said that my illness was incurable. After hearing his verdict, I got up every night at three o’clock; and, in the meditation posture recommended by Master, I concentrated on him and prayed that he help me for the sake of my children and for others who expect bread from me. After fifteen days I was cured. When I returned to the physician, he was astonished. He said that among the many patients like me who were under his treatment I was the only one who had been cured. The grace I received is so evident that, whenever I think of it, from the depths of my soul I ardently thank our beloved Master”— P.S., Torino, Italy.

“My two children suffering from smallpox were completely healed without my taking them to the General Hospital for treatment. This has demonstrated to me the power of mind over matter; and of the penetrating power of healing vibrations from devotees of God through the ether to those who have faith and who believe in the Universal Mind.

“On another occasion, my daughter (31/2 years) was suddenly sick. She started to cry and held me tight. She pointed to something in the room, motioning that I should drive it away. I did not see anything; but I at once performed the SRF healing service, calling the names of the Masters. My child became calm and told me that the one who had driven the apparitions away was Lahiri Mahasaya. I later brought out the pictures of the Masters, framed in the form of a cross with Jesus Christ in the center, as suggested by Guruji. She pointed at once to the picture of Lahiri Mahasaya as the one who had appeared and had driven the apparitions away.”—J.A.B., Lagos, West Africa.

“My arm and fingers hurt me very much, so that I could not touch anything without pain. One night, when I felt I could not rise to do Kriya Yoga, I prayed to God, offering Him most wholeheartedly my devoted love. And He accepted! A stream of energy, or life, was suddenly flowing through my limbs and immediately I knew that God was present in me. The next day, though I didn’t feel completely healed yet, I felt much better; and two days later, when working, I realized that I had completely forgotten the pain.”—G.S., Berlin, Germany.

“I have to write you at once to tell you an experience I just had. I prayed in deep meditation that my confidence in God be unshakable, whatever might happen. I really already had confidence, and many times the proof, that God answered me. But this day I concentrated on this special wish, even though I had no particular reason, as everything was going smoothly in my daily life. Suddenly I felt a wonderful calmness and peace such as I had never experienced before—a bliss indescribable —and I had to cry; tears were running down my face and I could not stop them. I felt a wonderful wave of love for God, real love. I realized the full meaning and truth of its greatness and kindness, hearty and powerful; and available for me too, always, everywhere. The experience was like that which you feel when you unexpectedly meet somebody you love, and you are filled with joy and are happy. In the book The Master Said students were asking our Guru the question: ‘How can one love God?’ The same question had troubled me. I had always thought of God as something so far apart, so exalted and sublime, that I did not dare even in devotion to approach Him. I did not know how to love God. I only knew how to respect Him. It was Jesus Christ who was close to me. Even our Guru Yogananda, till now, could not make me feel closer to God. But now I have experienced it myself and I understand our Guru in his great love for God.”—H.B., Montreal, Canada.

“We had a very serious car crash when three tires blew out and we were pushed 50 yards into a stone wall. We were shaken but unhurt, and walked away from the car. We are grateful for our lives, and for the fact that we are on the Prayer List at SRF Headquarters.

“Through some error at work my dear son had soldering metal squirted into his eyes; I was very fearful, but did all I could in the way of doctors and treatments. He is now healed, and the sight of both eyes is divinely saved. Truly a miracle happened, as I prayed about it.”— HS., Sydney, Australia.

“Of the blessed workings of the SRF teachings in our family alone I can bring you some wonderful proof. My husband was ill, with pain along his back and weakness in his legs—so bad that when he moved he experienced a sort of shock over his whole body. He had to be taken care of like an infant. For five days he suffered very greatly. After meditating together, we both had the thought to follow certain advice in the Precaepta [SRF Lessons]. We both concentrated our thoughts on the sick parts of his body and mentally repeated a healing affirmation. After 8 days my husband could get out of bed again and return to his occupation. Now, after 14 days, he is absolutely without pain. We are filled with great thankfulness and our faith in God and Guruji has become still stronger.”—G.B., Witten-Ruhr, Germany.

“I dreamed recently that I was roused from sleep by our blessed Master’s presence…. I realize now that he appeared to prepare me for a coming experience; to give me a rehearsal in a dream of holding the right state of consciousness necessary for the healing of a serious illness…. It was acute jaundice…. When I wakened from a shot of novocaine the doctor had given me, I was well; vibrant with energy, color normal. In fact, I felt so well that I helped my neighbor with her work, instead of her coming over to care for me as she had planned; and then I worked in the garden. She was very much impressed, as I had previously talked with her about God’s merciful healing love. The doctor was even more surprised when next he saw me, and when he could speak he said, ‘Surely the Lord is with you.’ However, he insisted on X rays, and they proved beyond a shadow of doubt the extent and thoroughness of the healing. I hope and pray that my actions may prove my thankfulness for Master’s very real blessings.”—R.H., Whittier, Calif.

“I have come a long way since I was so ill in August, and all that I knew then, when I left the hospital, is coming true for me. Your healing vibrations that hold so much for me are felt, and their effects seen, here. I have never before had such good health; and in spite of the seeming obstacles left, my mastery of them is becoming more and more vivid each day.”—G.D.Y., Los Angeles, Calif.

“I mow my own lawn and attend to all chores. After mowing the lawn this week, I clipped it. When I had finished I noticed three large blisters on my fingers. I silently prayed to Divine Mother to heal the blisters and not let them break or get sore. (I had never heard of the concept of God as the Divine Mother until I read Self•Realization Fellowship teachings. This was the first time I had ever called on Her.) I then forgot about the blisters. The next day about noon I remembered them. The two on top of my fingers were now very tiny. The largest one, which had been underneath the long finger, could not be seen at all.” —Rl, Ephrata, Washington.

JULY, 1956 Self-Realization Magazine