SISTER AMRITA ~ Practical Wisdom and a Mother’s Understanding Heart


Sister Amrita (1923-2003)

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Sister Amrita (standing second from left in back) with Daya Mataji,  Swami Shyamananda and nuns of the Self-Realization Order

(excerpts)  As the principal translator of Paramahansa Yogananda’s works into German for nearly half a century, Sister Amrita’s literary talent and deep attunement with her Guru’s teachings and spirit enabled her to create highly acclaimed renditions of his writings.  She also served for three decades as overall head of the Translation Department, helping in the ongoing spread of the Self-Realization Fellowship message in many languages. ….

“It was not only her understanding and manifold realization of Master’s teachings that helped us,” wrote [a] member from Germany, “but also her attunement to the beauty of Master’s words and her artistic talent which brought Master’s words to life in our mother tongue.”

Sister Amrita led the simple, humble, and balanced life of a true devotee of God.  With her mind anchored in Him through faithful meditation, she was also engaged in tireless service as a Self-Realization Fellowship minister and spiritual counselor.  At the request of Self-Realization Fellowship President Sri Daya Mata, she conducted Kriya Yoga initiations for thousands.   For years she was in charge of the monastic training of the postulant nuns of the Order.  In 1985 she was asked to transfer to Nuremberg to take charge of the newly founded Gemeinschaft der Selbst-Verwirklichung Headquarters and ashram there, the nucleus of Paramahansa Yogananda’s work in Germany.  She served there until 2002, at which time she returned to the Mother Center, where she spent her final months meditating and imparting the inspiration of her many years of devotion to all with whom she came in contact. …

Daya Mataji: “…Whatever her responsibilities, she kept her mind upon her Goal—God first.  She followed Guruji’s principles of calmness and balance, and expressed the spiritual ideal Guruji mentions in his Autobiography of having one’s feet firm on the earth and one’s head in the haven of heaven.  Candid and truthful, she possessed the practical wisdom that allowed her to serve so capably in many different roles; yet she had an artist’s deep love of beauty, and a mother’s understanding heart….”

Self-Realization Fellowship magazine, Summer 2003

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