SISTER MRIDANI ~ Such Faith, inner strength, and practical wisdom

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In Memoriam: Sister Mridani (1946-2008)


SISTER MRIDANI, a Self Realization Fellowship minister and nun for more than 30 years… served for many years as the co-administrator of the Encinitas SRF Ashram Center and Retreat in California. … Her deep dedication to Paramahansa Yogananda and his worldwide work inspired countless Self-Realization members and friends who knew her or heard her speak at our annual Convocations. …

Sri Mrinalini Mata…said of Sister Mridani, “She was a definite pillar in this pioneering stage of Gurudeva’s work.  She had such tremendous faith in God and Guru, such positive thinking.  No matter how bleak the situation looked, she would say, ‘It will be all right; I know it’s going to be all right. We just have to get busy and do it!’ And it always worked, because she had such faith.”

…Sri Daya Mata said: “She expressed the inner strength, initiative, and practical wisdom that enabled her to accomplish much for Master’s work….Her soul feels our love, and we can be certain that she is blessed for the enthusiasm to do for God and Guru that filled her life and is still part of her being.  She will always have a place in our hearts.”

Spring 2009, Self-Realization Magazine

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