Claims of Incarnations and Messages from the SRF/YSS Gurus


On several occasions Paramahansa Yogananda told his disciples: “After my passing, many ‘mediums’ will say they are in touch with me and are receiving my ‘messages’ for the world.  All such statements are false.

“My message for the world has been expounded in my speeches, classes, and writings.  Do not be misled by persons who, after my physical departure from the earth, will assert that they are receiving new teachings from me.  To sincere seekers who in prayer request my help, I will always give it gladly and silently.”

 Paramahansa Yogananda, God Talks With Arjuna

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Self-Realization Fellowship Line of Gurus


With the growth and spread of the Self-Realization Fellowship work, the names of Paramahansa Yogananda and the others in the line of SRF Gurus have become more well known.  From time to time we receive letters from students and members inquiring about those who claim to know or to be “incarnations” of one of the SRF Gurus.  Paramahansaji forewarned us that there would be many who would make such claims, and he cautioned us to be watchful.

We understand that at present there are several persons who say either that they are receiving “messages” from Mahavatar Babaji of our line of Gurus, or that they are the exalted Babaji.  Such alleged claims are false.  Paramahansaji clearly wrote in his autobiography that Babaji’s role is not to appear openly in any century.  As Guruji said: “The misinterpreting glare of publicity has no place in his millennial plans.  Like the Creator, the sole but silent Power, Babaji works in humble obscurity.”


[“No prophet is allowed by God to remain on earth before the public gaze forever.   Mahavatar Babaji has kept his body indefinitely, but he is not permitted to flaunt that special dispensation before the world.  That is why he is not available to mankind, except through the silent bestowal of his blessings.  Though ever-living, he is ever-hiding.*

*See Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 33.

The Second Coming of Christ]


Futhermore, Paramahansaji explained that it is God’s wish that he be the last in the line of SRF Gurus (Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and Paramahansa Yogananda).  He said that after he had left his body, he and the other SRF Gurus would work through his spiritual successor—that man or woman who in the future would hold the position of president of his society.  Paramahansaji told his disciples that after his passing many would say that they are in touch with him and the SRF Gurus and would claim to be receiving “messages” for the world.  He unequivocally said:  “All such statements will he false.”

To safeguard the purity of Paramahansa Yogananda’s message, only qualified disciples, those who are authorized by the president, and who have dedicated their lives to service within the Self-Realization Fellowship ashram training centers, are designated to train and guide others for disseminating the Guru’s teaching in all lands.

Fall 1980, SRF

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“…at the Head…Men and Women of Divine Realization” ~ Paramahansaj

A very great need to keep his words pure – Mukti Mata

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