You Can Realize God in This Life ~ Bro. Anandamoy

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You Can Realize God in This Life

Brother Anandamoy

In India when they build a temple, that temple is not a temple until the image is installed, the symbol of the deity–whether that is Krishna, or Shiva or Divine Mother, or some other aspect of God.  And when that image is there, then the temple works (laughter).  And so same thing with us.  WE have to install the image, so to speak.  If you are…just concentrating at the the Christ center, and you think this a point or it is a center, you have not installed the image of God, and the mind runs off.  You have to convince yourself, you have to install the image, you have to think, ‘GOD is THERE.’ ..

I have Master, when he was in a devotional ecstasy, it was justYou, You, You!’ and the fervor of that ecstasy, that devotion, that concentration…those that were with him were just tears streaming, they couldn’t hold it, such a tremendous vibration of love. And this is what you do in meditation.  Feel that you are in the presence of God, and now all devotion, concentration.  You understand?…

You may not see the light, doesn’t matter.  GOD is there… Master said the Guru is always present in the Christ center of his disciples.  HE is there. Same thing with the Aum. It’s not just a vibration.  It’s God.  Even if you do not hear it, if you are directing your consciousness inward in that attention and you call…’Aum Aum,’ you are directing your attention and your love to God in the aspect of Aum.

And if you feel that God is absent, act as if He were there, because He is.

We went to a temple, a Krishna temple, a famous temple in Brindaban.  And there there’s an image of Krishna, and usually the priest has a curtain in front of the image.  And everybody is …standing there and looking at that curtain and then the priest pulls the curtain aside, and then everybody says, ‘Ahhhh, there is Krishna.’…And then the curtain goes back, and then even though Krishna is not visible anymore, everybody knows behind that curtain is Krishna.  He is right there.  Same thing in our meditation.  If you look here, concentrate here, and you do not see light, God is there, Master is there, and you give all your devotion…

This is one of the greatest helps on the spiritual path, one of the greatest helps in your meditation, that you feel God and Guru are closer than you can imagine.  That is why Daya Mataji said, beautiful words, “Guruji is as close to you as you permit him to be.”   Write that down (laughter).  He is as close to you as you permit him to be.  Don’t keep him away…

A saint said, “There is no creature who can realize how much, how sweetly and how tenderly God loves you.”  Write that one down. (laughter)  There is no creature who can imagine how much, how sweetly and how tenderly God loves you.

Now this is something that you have to cultivate, that concept, you have to work on that.  Take it home with you, and work on it, establish it.  Tell yourself over and over again.  You know we usually think in terms of, ‘Sure God will eventually love me, when I’m perfect.  But certainly not now.’  This is not true. Master told us again and again, he said God loves you as much as he loves Christ. It is unconditional, unconditional.  And if once you have established that concept in your mind firmly, your meditations are different.  You WANT to meditate, you want to be in that presence of God.   Even if you do not see the light.  Even if you do not hear the Aum.  You are going inward with the techniques as much as you can then, give your love.   Over and over, ‘I love you, I love you.’ And pray, ‘Give me the grace so that I can love you more.’

And that leads to what Daya Mataji said, deep unselfish meditation.  You are no longer thinking what is God giving me?   Self is transcended, self is forgotten.  There is only God. And that is what Master said, when you will be able to do that, he said just lose yourself in love for God.  And that is Yoga, thinking of God, concentrating on God with all your mind, all your heart, all your feeling.  And then it says in the scriptures, you will become what you are concentrating on, due to the law of association and concentration.  Then gradually merging comes.

So, practice the techniques, they take you inward, and then meditate.  Meditation means concentration on God to the exclusion of everything else.  It’s as simple as that. Just lose yourself in your love for God.  And when you do that, you are establishing a relationship which is very sweet, very satisfying.  And then you will know, YOU CAN REALIZE GOD IN THIS LIFE.


“You Can Know God in This Life” DVD ~ Bro. Anandamoy

you can know God in this life


Paramahansa Yogananda’s dispensation for the ages covers every aspect of life and spiritual living.  In this video recording, Brother Anandamoy—a direct disciple of the great Guru for more than fifty years and a widely acclaimed international lecturer for Self-Realization Fellowship — focuses on the essence of Paramahansaji’s teachings, providing encouraging guidance on how it is possible to attain God-realization in this life.

Running time: 69 Minutes

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