SISTER KARUNA, direct disciple ~ “YOU are BLESSED!!”

pronaming in blessing

SISTER KARUNA ~~ In 1941, during my husband’s last illness, the blessed Master visited him several times.  The last time he came, Bror was in excruciating pain…Bror forcefully entreated him, “Swamiji, take me away from here! Take me away from here!”  The Master did not answer, but sat down in silence.  After a while the terrible pain abated, then the Master turned to my husband and said, “Remember Christ on the cross, do not ask for anything.”  Bror met the Master’s gaze understandingly and bowed his head in submission.

Before Master left…he addressed my husband in a loud voice, “Millions are walking in healthy bodies, but they are not blessed.  But YOU are blessed.” Three times he repeated: “YOU ARE BLESSED.”

Then he added, “Now I shall not see you anymore in the body, but I shall be with you until the end.  When all the suffering is over, you will see a great light; you’ll enter into it and into ineffable joy.”

Bror’s mind was clear to the end, clearer than anyone else’s around him.  He went consciously through the transition…

Before we left the cemetery, the Master told me he had communicated with my husband.  He said…”You must not grieve, for he is very, very happy.”

Shortly before my husband left the body, he said to me…”I have asked God to tell Swamiji to let you come to Mount Washington after I am gone.  You’ll be happy there.”

…The first time I met the Master after my return to Los Angeles, he asked me to come and live at Mount Washington. “It is your husband’s greatest wish that you come,” he said.

“Yes, Swamiji, I know that,” I replied.

He said, “You might, but I have that from where he is now.”

Now, as I finish this memoir, I have lived at Mount Washington for twenty-three years. And, yes, “I have been happy here.”
from, “Immersed in Ineffable Joy” by Sister Karuna, Self-Realization magazine, Spring 1994

Sister Karuna, formerly Ellen B. Merck,  passed away in 1975 at the age of 93

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