SHYAMA MATA ~ Exemplifying God’s Love With Faith and Strength, Daya Mataji

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SHYAMA MATA (June 15, 1887 – August 16, 1972), mother of Daya Mata, Ananda Mata and Richard Wright — some excerpts from SHYAMA MATA, In Memoriam from Fall, 1972 SRF magazine

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 Ananda Mata and Daya Mata, l to r, on floor next to Paramahansaji


Daya Mataji: How many times [Paramahansaji] called for her when there was some problem within the Society, because he knew he could depend upon Shyama Mata…

Perhaps SHYAMA MA’S greatest exemplification of God’s love was the faith that she manifested all the years of her life.  I never saw her weak with doubt. I never saw her falter in giving a word of comfort or strength to whomever came to her…

In all the years that I knew that beloved soul I never once heard her speak in a discouraging manner.  She was always positive.  She had tremendous faith in God.  In this connection there is something I would like to read to you, because she had marked it, and we found it in her room. The Lord is speaking to the disciple:

“Listen, have I not always provided everything?  Have you ever been in need but what I always appeared with help just at the right moment?  Has there ever been a time when things looked dark that I did not bring Light?  Can you, with what you know now, look back over your life and see where you could have ordered it better?  Would you exchange your spiritual understanding for the earthly possessions of anyone you know?  Have I not done all this, despite the fact (at times) you have rebelled and refused to listen to Me?  Ah, my child, can you not see that money, home, clothes, food, and their acquirement are only incidents, and have nothing to do with your real life except as you make them by thinking into them so much importance, letting me remain only a side issue?

“If it becomes necessary for you to be deprived of the things of the world that you may learn the Truth–that I am the only important thing in your life, that I must be first if you truly love Me–I permit this, that real and lasting happiness and prosperity can be yours.

“This applies to you also, My child, you who have lost health, have lost courage, have lost all hold of your Self, and after weary years of seeking without from earthly physicians and remedies…have turned finally within to Me.  Know that my omnipotent Life is flowing through you, that you can take of it and build with it what you will; that it will manifest for you as health, power, prosperity, union, happiness, peace, anything that you will of Me.  My child, know this!  Then with all the positiveness of your nature, speak the creative  Word.  It will not return to you void.”

[*From the Impersonal Life, published by C.A. Willing]


A little story from Mukti Mata on Shyama Mata:

… Shyama Ma, their mother, also had a role where Master was concerned.  She frequently was sent to do public relations work, and she never failed (laughter).  She had the charm of a queen, you see.  And no one was ever too high or too low in status in this world.  The king of Finland once came to Los Angeles.  And one of our members, who was from Finland, invited her to go with her.  So they went to the banquet, and it was so amusing for me to learn that she ended up, Shyama Ma, sitting by the king and taking care of his needs (audience laughter).  She used to write letters to every president of the United States, because she said they had a hard job, letters of encouragement.

So you and I are the beneficiaries today of this great legacy…

from “Like the Light from Heaven” Remembering Life with Paramahansa Yogananda CD/.mp3 download


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