SISTER GYANAMATA ~ ” Nothing left undone that I could have done…”

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SISTER GYANAMATA [1869-1951] was the most spiritually advanced woman disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. She met him in Seattle, Washington, in 1924; eight years later she took the vows of a Sister of the SRF Order.)

A Letter From Sister Gyanamata:

My Blessed Master:

I cannot wish to live for a great number of years, like the woman you mentioned who has celebrated her 100th birthday. I can’t help wondering what else she has to celebrate?   Jesus was just thirty-three. His Holiness your Master Sri Yukteswarji was 81 when he decided to go.  Swami Vivekananda died before he was 40. These names come to me.

But I do not wish to be “a deserter in the face of the enemy.”  Since you regard this poor life as useful to you, I will do my best to hold to it as long as it helps you.  I would like to believe that I will go quickly when the time comes, as I wish never to be a burden to you and the others.  I would also like to be able to say, of my little life, “it is finished”; as Jesus said of his great one.  Nothing left undone that I could have done.

I have, then, these ambitions: To be near you, which is the desire that brought me from Seattle.  To serve you; to be loyal to you to the last drop of blood in my body; never to fail you through carelessness.  To make as perfect a manifestation of your teaching as possible.  To go quickly at just the right moment.  To leave nothing unfinished.

With deep devotion,

Self-Realization March 1956

March 1956 letter, leaving the body_Fotor