Divine Experiences with Daya Mataji ~ two devotee stories



A Healing Experience from Daya Mataji

Our beloved Ma’s birthday has just ended but I feel inspired to tell a story about her today.

I had always had an extreme fear of heights and about 20 years ago it had gotten so bad I couldn’t even stand on a step stool.  Attending Convocation was very difficult because of the elevators and all the hotel rooms being on upper floors.  It was so important to me that I would go anyway.  But I was always in an extreme panic when I had to ride the elevators. That year at Convocation I decided would be the last time I could attend because the fear had become unbearable.

After Daya Ma gave her talk and left the ballroom I went up to the stage to touch the spot where she had stood, something I did every year.  This time her vibrations were so strong on that spot that I couldn’t even get my hand all the way down on it. It felt almost as if I were blown backwards.  I started to sob, not knowing why, but I was crying so hard that I just wanted to get up to my room and be alone.

When I got into the elevator I was sobbing uncontrollably and didn’t notice any fear. In the hotel room someone had left the curtains open, and instead of panicking I walked over to the window and looked down — 20-some stories! The view seemed so beautiful that I stopped crying and suddenly realized that I wasn’t afraid and hadn’t been on the elevator either!! It was very hard to believe, so much so that I went out to the elevator and rode it to the top floor, looking out through the glass walls the whole way. I loved it so much that I rode the elevator up and down for at least an hour.

Daya Ma had healed me!! And it wasn’t a temporary healing. Since that day, 20 years ago, I have loved heights and even request a window seat on planes when I fly so I can look down. It is impossible to imagine the Divine stature of a being who can heal just through vibrations left behind when she is no longer even in the room. I believe Ma, like Master, can heal us even though they are no longer in physical bodies.

Thank you, Ma, for your blessed Self. Help us to be more like you. At your holy, holy feet. OMMMM Daya Mataji

Devotee MG


 Sri Daya Mataji, in Ranchi, India Gold Border_Fotor

A ‘Birthday Gift’ of Divine Love from Daya Mataji

When I was fairly new on the path, after hearing some of the wonderful experiences that devotees had when physically near Ma, I was wondering about Ma’s spiritual stature.  I live very far from Mother Center and wondered if Ma was able to be aware of us and bless us devotees no matter where we are.  I also wished for a photo of Ma, and thought at some point I would cut out a photo of her from our magazine and frame it.

Some weeks later I was able to attend a Christmas meditation at one of the SRF centers, and there was someone there with a stack of small photos of Ma which had come from India, and I was blessed to obtain one of these.  I placed it on a little bookshelf on the back of my desk where I used my computer, so I could look at it often.  Then after several weeks, one day I had an overwhelming urge to go out and buy a frame for the photo–so strong was the urge that I got up right then and went to the store, put the photo in a frame and put it back on the shelf.  It happened to be sitting next to my favorite picture of the Virgin Mary.

A little while later, I looked at the photo of Ma and began to feel WAVES and WAVES of love coming from her in the photo!  Then I felt the waves of love coming from the photo of Mary right next to it.  Then the waves of love shifted several times back to Ma’s photo, and then back to Mary’s, and then back to Ma’s one last time.  A little later I went to an online SRF devotee site and found out that all this happened on Ma’s birthday (January 31)! True to Ma’s nature, she had used her own birthday to give this special gift of a beautiful and unexpected experience of Divine Love!

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Years later I was still pondering  the rest of this experience with Ma, the part about Mary.  I had experienced that the waves of love which came from both pictures felt exactly the same.  For a long while I was not sure how to interpret this part of the experience, or maybe I should say I longed for an outward validation of what I intuitively thought to be true, that our beloved Daya Mataji was a perfect channel of the universal Mother’s love which flows through all divine beings.  The validation, for me, came through the words of dear Mrinalini Mata’s  in one of her articles.

samadhi Shyamananda Mrinalini

Mrinalini Mata and Swami Shyamananda with Daya Mataji in samadhi, India

I had read that Daya Ma has said, “The best way, by which we can truly appreciate what the great ones like my blessed Gurudev and Ananda Mayee Ma and other holy ones have to give us, is to become like them.”  Later on I read Mrinalini Mata’s articles on her visits with Daya Ma in India (in 1961).  After describing beautiful divine experiences with Daya Ma, Mrinalini Mata said in the SRF magazine (Spring, 2014):

“…such presence, such divine love, was pouring out of [Daya Mataji’s] being. I sat on the floor at her feet and I wept tears. And I said to myself: “Not since we saw Gurudeva in samadhi have I had this experience. We speak of the saints of India…oh! I have lived with one (Master), and I am living with one, who is carrying on in the same way as I felt from Gurudeva.

“Inwardly I was saying to Master, ‘Here we have in our Daya Mata an Ananda Moyi Ma who is with us all the time. How you have blessed us!” I was feeling from her the continuation of the same love of the one Divine Mother. And I saw that wherever there is a devotee who is hungering for that love and cannot quite grasp it on his or her own, then through these channels that are so pure and so free of themselves, Divine Mother can flow. It is the same divine love no matter what channel it is flowing through; and it is such a beautiful experience to feel this. That was, what you might say, my real introduction to India.'”

Jai Guru, Jai Ma!

Devotee GB

Stories used with permission

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