“Do the best you can”; Dealing with fear and anxiety ~ Sister Mridani


“God ordains the Guru – it’s important to remember that we don’t stumble onto this path.”  Sister Mridani

Q. I have a deep yearning for God, but also four children and a full time job.  There is just not time for everything, and I feel very frustrated.  I have spoken with a spiritual counselor who said, “Just do the best you can,” but my best just doesn’t seem to be enough.

A. First, you should know that all the monastics would say to you that you have our deepest admiration.  In 1939, Master gave a lecture and he said, “If you practice one millionth of the things I teach you, you will find God.”  Even if you have four children and a full time job, it can be done. 

Master had only a very short time in human form to give us the teachings in writing.  These are the teachings of a very high age.  We are close to a very low age, and it’s not expected that we can do everything – we are only asked to try.  Just do the best you can.   Especially in the little gaps of time, fill your mind with God.  Through daily introspection you will know if you are doing the best you can.

There is a story about a saint who sometimes threw stones at his disciples. Those who, with devotion, picked up the stones and carried them home, found that they had golden nuggets.  Those who left them lying on the ground missed the blessing.  What are the stones?  The stones are all the things that are difficult to do on a daily basis. “And with four children, I’m sure you find quite a few stones lying on the ground,” Sister added.  (Laughter)

“You must develop the will to think of God during activity,” Master said.  Divine Mother rewards every sincere effort, no matter how small, because for you it may be a supreme effort; for someone else easy.


Q. I know Master is omnipresent and that he watches over me in all steps of my spiritual unfoldment, but find that I am still anxious and fearful under certain circumstances.

A. Master said that if you practice the techniques, you shall have safety forever.  You will have safety for yourself, plus there will be safety for all your dear ones and all those entrusted to you by God.  That’s a powerful promise.  Guruji is an avatar – his state of consciousness is beyond human comprehension, and an avatar’s word cannot be falsified.

So we should hold him to it.  We must do our part, but it is true.  Ask him to help you.  Ask Guru to show you how this works if you don’t believe.

It doesn’t mean nothing seemingly bad will happen.  The Guru’s work is to bring to us all the experiences we need to reach liberation.  When they come, we must say, as Master said, “Whatever conditions confront me, I know that they represent the next step in my unfoldment. I will welcome all tests because I know that within me is the intelligence to understand, and the power to overcome.”

The heart is the seat of feeling.  The heart will cry, it will bleed, but the mind should never get overwhelmed.  We must keep the mind from getting sucked into the feelings of the heart.

…Master gives a technique to use if you are feeling fearful: …

Put your hand over your heart, next to the skin.  Rub from left to right and repeat, “Heavenly Father, I am free.  Tune out this fear from my heart radio.”   Do this for five minutes.  It works. Then at night, before sleep say, “The Heavenly Father is with me; I am protected.”   Then chant “Om” three times and you will feel His wonderful protection.

Master said, “Just as you tune out static on an ordinary radio, so if you continuously rub the heart from left to right and continuously concentrate on the thought that you want to tune out fear from your heart, it will go; and the joy of God will be perceived.”

“One time when I was young,” Sister said, “I went out on the roof of our house with my dad to fix the roof. He pointed and said, ‘See the rafters? Only walk on the rafters and you will be safe. Otherwise you might put your foot through the roof’.”

“Then just yesterday,” Sister continued, “I was watching a house being roofed, and I thought, ‘If we hold to the teachings – and that’s our spiritual structure – we can walk across the roof of delusion.  Those rafters will keep us from falling into deep holes.’”

Gyanamata said, “The fight has to be waged again and again against our only real enemy, the self.  Take firm hold of the Guru’s robe, and let nothing unclench your fingers.”

Master said, “Ask the help of the Guru again and again. Obey this order to the limit.”
This is the key: we have to ask. Asking for the Guru’s help breaks down the ego and makes a channel through which God can speak to us.

In his poem, “When I Am Only a Dream” Master tells us, “Unknown I will walk by your side, and guard you with invisible arms…” Memorize these truths so you can use them to help you.

Transmute fear by putting something else in its place; put thanksgiving in its place.
Master said, “Thanksgiving and praise open in your consciousness the way for spiritual growth and supply to come to you. Spirit pushes Itself out into visible manifestation as soon as a channel is opened through which It can flow.”

Gyanamata said, “The greatest thing of the life of the disciple is to be able to look in the face of the guru and say: “I will accept anything. Treat me in any way that seems best to you in order that in the end I may be what you are.”

from devotee notes, excerpts

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