Karma and the Spiritual Eye ~ Sw. Krishnananda’s story

Master krishnanandaji

Swamiji narrated an incident on his way to Leh-Ladhak by road.  There was a sign board “Magnetic Hill” in front of a hill.   Drivers were asked to switch off ignition and put their vehicles in neutral gear at a particular spot and see what happens.  When the driver did that, the car started climbing up the steep hill by magnetic pull.  Since Swamiji was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, on return journey he asked the driver to switch off the ignition and put the car in neutral gear much before the marked point.  The car started moving backwards.  When asked whether a bigger vehicle would also be affected in the same way, the driver replied that he has seen loaded trucks being pulled up the magnetic hill.

Many days later, once, after meditation, this incident flashed in Swamiji’s mind. While he was wondering about the significance of this experience when through his own consciousness as if Guruji answered:

“The magnet is in kutastha (spiritual eye): If we switch off the motor of our minds and get in neutral gear by not planning for future and thinking of the past, our vehicle of meditation will soon be pulled up by the magnet.  Even with truck loads of karma we will be pulled up.”

from devotee notes


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