The Ideal Disciple, Story of Hanuman ~ Bro. Nakulananda

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Most of you are familiar with the ancient Indian epic Ramayama, about the life of King Rama who was also an incarnation of God…Hanuman was very instrumental in capturing and bringing Sita (Rama’s wife) back to Rama and vanquishing that demon king Ravana…And everyone was wondering what was [Rama] going to give to his favorite disciple Hanuman.  And so he gave him a strand of pearls, which is very precious because they were Sita’s and she had given them to Ram when they were married.

And so Hanuman went off into a corner by himself, and everybody was watching him.  And he looked at the pearls, shaking his head, and put it to his mouth, shaking his head, and he put the pearls to his ears and shook his head.  And finally Hanuman just broke the pearls and threw them on the floor.  And everybody was looking in astonishment, ‘What is he doing?’  Lakshman walked over and said, “What are you doing, Hanuman?!  Don’t you know the value of these pearls?!  These were Sita’s.  She had given them to Rama!”

And then Hauman said, “But I looked at the pearls and I didn’t see the image of my Lord Ram.  And I put them to my lips and I didn’t taste the sweetness of the fruit that would touch the feet of my Lord.  And then I listened to them and I didn’t hear that sweet song of ‘Ram, Ram, Ram.’  He said, “These pearls didn’t remind me of my Lord at all.  Of what value are they to me?”

Lakshman was further enraged, and he said, “You think you’re the only great devotee, what about all of us.  We love Rama just as much as you.”  He said, “I don’t even see you wearing an image of Rama on your chest.”

And that is when Hanuman took his fingernails and he tore open his chest.  And there imprinted in his heart was an image of Lord Ram.  He had imprinted that image inside of himself.  He didn’t need anything in the exterior world because HIS GURU WAS LIVING RIGHT WITHIN HIM.

from Bro. Nakulananda–The Guru: Spiritual Fortress of Love, Guidance, and Protection, CD, Fall 2010 SRF magazine





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