Songs Master Loved (added Youtube links) ~ devotee notes


In the book room at the Bonaventure there was a list of the songs that Master loved.  Here is the list:  [Youtube videos added]


Title                                             Composer                                   Performed by


Clair De Lune                            Debussy                                       Philadelphia Orchestra



Nocturne                                     Chopin                                        James Galway, flute



Liebeslied                                    Kreisler                                      Issac Stern, violin



Gymnopedia No. 3                     Satie                                           Issac Stern, violin



Song of India                                Rimsky-Korsakov



Clair De Lune                                Debussy                                    D. Sipkai, harp, and J. Bilan, flute



Serenade                                         Schubert                                   Philadelphia Orchestra



Blue Danube                                   Strauss                                      Vienna State Opera Orchestra


from devotee convocation notes