Look for Guruji in your life ~ Bro. Vishwananda

Babaji and Gurus framed

Look for Guruji in your life.  Always look for the hand of the Guru behind your experiences, and when you least expect it, he will appear.  We tend to look for him during our trials and tribulations, but the Guru is also with us when we experience joy and love in our lives, and we should acknowledge him in these experiences too.

Back in 1986 Brother helped with the great task of rebuilding Babaji’s cave, which had been damaged by an earthquake.  It was hard work – heavy construction work at an elevation of 8000 feet in rugged mountain territory, enduring rain, hail, and windstorms.  Half of the hired labor ran away.  Brother thought, “Babaji, you’re a pretty hard guy to work for.” (Laughter) He became discouraged and entertained the idea, “Gee, I could just walk away from here and never come back.”

Wallowing in his negative mood, one day he looked down the mountain and saw a friend, a colonel in the Indian Army, coming up the mountain.  He and a group of men were laden with big wooden boxes on their backs.  Setting them down, the boxes became a table on which they placed a white linen tablecloth.  Next, out came crystal glassware, fine china plates, silverware, and a cook stove on which was prepared a delicious full course meal of soup, salad, entrée and dessert.  “So there we were, mud up to our knees, having a feast!” Brother said. (Laughter)

Brother found himself filled with love and joy and he knew where it came from – it was GURUJI and BABAJI.  After that he didn’t have any more negativity about doing the work there.

YSS, SRF monks Babaji's cave

Brother Vishwananda (far left) meditating in Babaji’s Cave


Guruji didn’t sit down and have classes or satsangas with the disciples.  He would tell them to meditate and keep their attention at the Kutastha – in that way the Guru can work with us.  When Master did respond to them, he responded to their thoughts, their consciousness.

Two days ago Brother said he was at Hollywood Temple greeting those on pilgrimage there.  Then he had to leave, realizing he was late for another engagement.  He found himself behind another car that was going really slow and he became impatient, a bit upset.  They approached a red light at an intersection and Brother pulled up along side this car in the next lane, thinking he would try to pass the other car when the light changed.   He happened to look over and saw a young man and woman trying to get his attention.  They were asking for directions and so he helped them.

It was then that Brother realized, “Where had my consciousness been?  I’d shut God out by my impatience.  But the Guru was right there saying, ‘Wake up my boy, wake up.”  The Guru works with you this way – just like when he was in the body – there’s absolutely no difference.  “If we are looking for miracles,” Brother said, “I cannot think of one greater than the little scene that occurred at that intersection – that woman trying to get my attention – Master trying to get my attention. 

“This is the miracle of Master in our lives. You come to a point where you don’t care about having spiritual experiences when you realize that every moment is a spiritual experience.”

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