The Pilot and the Rat, Guruji Story ~ Daya Mataji


A Letter From Sri Daya Mata

 Dear One,

Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda used to tell a story that is helpful to recall whenever we are faced with problems or discouraging obstacles.  The tale is recounted in full in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, but to encapsulate it here, a saintly pilot on an important mission of goodwill was winging his way through the skies in a small monoplane.  He was caught in a raging storm, but with stouthearted faith he braved the furies of wind and rain until at last he emerged into clear weather.  Just then he saw, to his dismay, a large rat – well out of reach – gnawing at a wire critical to the operation of the plane.  Try as he would to twist and tumble aeronautically, he could not shake the insidious pest loose.  He faced the certain doom of crashing on the mountains below.  As he prayed desperately, a sudden inspiration burst upon him.  He nosed the plane higher and higher until in the rarefied atmosphere the rat collapsed from lack of oxygen, and the plane was safe once more.

The moral, Guruji explained, is that a true devotee can overcome menacing evils by lifting the mind to a higher level of consciousness.  When struggling with any problem – whether it be physical pain, failure or discouragement, or the difficulty of uprooting the tenacious bad habits that undermine our well-being and happiness – the most effective way to be free of the obstacle is to raise the consciousness through meditation.  In God’s presence, delusion loses its grip on our minds, and we feel once again in control of our lives.  We are able to manifest our soul’s inherent creativity and insight, and to focus the dynamic power of our will on whatever goal we have set for ourselves.

Persevere in devotion and in practice of the techniques of meditation Guruji has given; they will take you to ever greater heights in God’s sheltering love.  My prayers and loving support are with you always.

 Divine love and blessings,

 Sri Daya Mata

(Summer 1992 SRF Magazine)

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