BABAJI Blesses Daya Mataji’s Presidency of SRF/YSS

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Daya Mataji ~~ in India on pilgrimage to the cave of BABAJI

“… With deep feeling and devotion, I was practicing what we call in India Japa Yoga, repeating the name of the Divine again and again and again…I was taking the name of Babaji.  All I could think about was Babaji.  My heart was bursting with a thrill indescribable.

Suddenly, I lost all awareness of this world.  My mind was completely withdrawn into another state of consciousness.  In an ecstasy of sweetest joy I beheld the presence of Babaji…Inwardly I bowed and took the dust of his feet.

Master had told some of us: “You never need concern yourselves about the leadership of our society.  Babaji has already selected those who are destined to lead the work.”  When I was chosen by the board, I questioned, “Why me?”*  Now I found myself appealing to Babaji about it: “They chose me. I am so unworthy. How could it be?”  I was sobbing inwardly at his feet.


So sweetly, he replied: “My child, you must not doubt your Guru. He spoke the truth. What he told you is true.”  As Babaji spoke these words, a blissful peace came over me. My whole being became bathed in that peace, for how long I do not know…

When I opened my eyes I beheld my surrounding with a new perception…”Of course! I have been here before.”  Everything was instantly familiar to me.  Memories of a past lifetime reawakened!

Every sight, every scene I beheld, was familiar to me…Babaji’s presence remained so strong with me that everywhere I looked, he seemed to be there…


*Footnote: On one occasion Paramahansa Yogananda was asked about the appointing of future presidents of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, who by virtue of their office would represent him as the spiritual head of SRF/YSS as well.  He replied, “There will always be at the head of this organization men and women of realization.  They are already known to God and the Gurus.”

Though Paramahansaji had chosen and trained Daya Mataji for her future spiritual role, she never inwardly took the appointment literally feeling that when the time actually came the Lord would surely choose another in her stead.  But neither the will of God nor the express wish of Guru was to be altered by this vain hope of one so wholly qualified, but humbly reluctant. (Publisher’s Note)

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