Kundalini vs. Sex Force ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


“The true meaning of kundalini awakening is little understood.  Ignorant teachers often associate kundalini with sex-force and enshroud it in mystery to frighten neophytes about the danger of awakening this sacred serpentine power.  To confuse the awakening of kundalini with the arousal of sex consciousness is an extremely ridiculous and wholly corrupt conception.  On the contrary, in kundalini awakening the yogi’s life force is withdrawn from the sensory nerves, particularly those associated with sex, giving him absolute mastery over sensory and sexual temptations.

To think that this kundalini force can be easily awakened or roused by accident is another fallacy.   Awakening the kundalini force is exceedingly difficult and cannot be done accidentally.  It takes years of concerted meditation under the guidance of a competent guru before one can dream of releasing the heavenly astral body from its bondage to physical confinement by awakening the kundalini.  One who is able to awaken the kundalini fast approaches the state of Christhood.  Ascension through that coiled pathway opens the spiritual eye of spherical vision, revealing the whole universe surrounding the body, supported by the vibratory light of heavenly powers.

The senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell are like five searchlights revealing matter.  As the life energy pours outward through those sensory beams, man is attracted by beautiful faces or captivating sounds or enticing scents, flavors, and tactual sensations.  It is natural; but what is natural to the body-bound consciousness is unnatural to the soul.  But when that divine life energy is withdrawn from the autocratic senses, through the spinal path into the spiritual center of infinite perception in the brain, then the searchlight of astral energy is cast onto the boundlessness of eternity to reveal the universal Spirit.  The devotee is then attracted by the Supernal Supernatural, the Beauty of all beauties, the Music of all music, the Joy of all joys.  He can touch Spirit all over the universe and can hear the voice of God reverberating throughout the spheres.  The form dissolves in the Formless.  The consciousness of the body, confined to a temporal, little form, illimitably expands into the formless, ever-existing Spirit.”

Paramahansa Yogananda,  The Second Coming Of The Christ, Discourse 14, pp. 258-269

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