Be a Direct Disciple of Master ~ Bro. Anandamoy



Now, most of you came on the path after Master’s mahasamadhi, right?   Now I have a word for you.   Master is speaking now.   This is his quotation.   I ask you to take this personally—

 “I know those souls who are destined to come in the future and will follow this path steadfastly.  I AM with them, and they ARE with me.” 

 These are immortal words.   This is not just a beautiful saying.   This is TRUTH.  “I AM with them.”   That’s unconditional.   Whether you are with him, whether you spend time with him, that’s your choice.   But he does his part, “I AM with them.”   Take that home with you because, you know you have to develop, you have to work on that, until more and more it becomes real.

Now some of you…may say, wait a minute.   Here he is talking in one sentence about the present and the future.   Isn’t it a contradiction there?   No.   No contradiction.   Because the sense of time that we have, this is an aspect of maya, delusion.   And there we have past, present, future, right?   But Master was talking from a higher state of consciousness.

And this—you can look it up, it’s on page 997 in the book of The Second ComingMaster said, “In the Christ Consciousness, the divisions of past, present and future are annhilated.”   That is beyond maya, beyond maya.   That is the ETERNAL NOW

And on the same page there is a passage from the Bible, what Jesus said…“Before Abraham was, I AM.”   And those people who heard that, they said this is totally crazy.   They said, you are not even fifty years old, and you say before Abraham was…either you are crazy or you make yourself God!   And they started to pick up stones and wanted to stone him.   But Master explained, Christ was talking from the Christ Consciousness, in the Eternal Now. 

Swami Sri Yukteswar Holy Science Book

And you know what?   In that same page there is a quote by Einstein…this really got me, I really was excited when I read that.   HE said…‘The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one.” (laughter)   And I thought—this is strictly science now—that was the teaching of the higher ages.   And Sri Yukteswar talked about it in his Holy Science.   They taught that, and people didn’t understand.   And now SCIENCE begins to discover that those ancient teachings are true.

 Now you don’t have to get lost in intellectuality, but keep in mind.  Master said, “I AM with you.”  And then, spend some time with HIM.


And then comes another thought, in connection with that.   You know, people have been calling me a ‘DIRECT DISCIPLE.’   And I always hated that.   I thought, this is caste system.  (laughter)   But when I found this quote from Master, when he talked about those who come in the future and he said, “I AM with them.”  And if they spend some time with Master, in an ever deeper way–…  do you know what that means?  If you do that, that is how YOU become a DIRECT DISCIPLE.  It’s the same thing.  It’s the same thing…

 You know, when we are talking about spending time with Master, you have to consider HOW you are in his presence…there was one who, usually when he saw Master he asked him some intellectual questions.   And Master answered; he treated people according to their understanding.   And from what Master said I learned a few things, but I thought, “Why can’t that person shut up?” (lots of laughter)   And, that was in the old days, you know, when I was kind of (Bro. shakes his fist in a funny gesture, more laughter from the audience).   I thought, here we have the opportunity to be with Master.   Why can’t we just be quiet and BE in his presence and LOVE him…

 Practice, BE with him…gradually that devotion flows until you come to the point where you are totally absorbed.   Comes through practice.


‘Direct disciples’ with Paramahansaji – Bro. Anandamoy, seated on floor, left; Dr.Lewis standing second from left; Bro. Bhaktananda, fourth from left; Daya Mata and Ananda Mata, second and first from right, respectively

And again I want to come back to this thought, he is with you…people say to me, yeah but you SAW him.   Yes, I saw him.   That was fifty-five years ago!   (laughter and applause).  What did I think, what did I do in the meantime?? (laughter)  I developed that habit to be with him.  And I tell you, I am talking from experience.  I worked on that.  I started with a picture.  I still have pictures, Master’s on my altar.  I meditate with him, just as I did in the beginning.  But I CULTIVATED the thought, ‘Master is HERE I am in his presence,’ and he becomes more and more real—better than when I saw him physically.   Because, you know, I’m a little better now in my being with him.   Becomes more real, more DEEP, and that’s why I say, anybody can do it, if you WANT to, and if you make the effort. 

And so now, when you go back to your home, don’t leave Master here.   Take him with you.   Take him with you.   And FEEL he is there, and FEEL why you were drawn to him—because you are his own.   No matter what mistakes you have made, are still making, his love is unconditional, unconditional.   Feel, I AM HIS OWN.   And more and more you will feel, you have the experience, how close he is, and how deep, satisfying that love is. 

 So spend some time with him.   LOVE him.  Be a direct disciple.  Be a direct disciple. 

 Jai Guru.

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“Brother Anandamoy, direct disciple of Yogananda, will hold lecture tomorrow at Biltmore Hotel.”


excerpts from~~ “Awakening Devotion–The Yearning of the Heart that Takes You to God”—Bro. Anandamoy, DIGITAL RENTAL


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