SRF’s Perspective on Marriage / Daya Mata on Homosexuality/ Sister Shanti on AIDS


SRF’s Perspective on Marriage and Same-Sex Unions



Daya Mataji Letter to Homosexual Devotee

Dear One,

I have read your heartfelt letter and deeply feel for those who have suffered misunderstanding or abuse because of their sexual orientation.  God loves all souls equally, and it is not right to judge someone for this or any other karmic tendency.  Gurudeva and all great souls have taught compassion and understanding toward our fellow human beings, and treating others as we ourselves would want to be treated.

To our knowledge Guruji did not comment specifically on homosexuality.  It is part of his teachings that God created two sexes for a divine purpose, so that through their union other souls might gain incarnation.  However, for karmic reasons, some people are drawn instead to their own gender.  We do not believe one should blame oneself or others for having this tendency, and it does not affect one’s relationship with God or ability to progress on the spiritual path.  What He asks of all seekers, whatever their sexual orientation, is that they follow the moral laws that lead to a happy and harmonious life.  These include loyalty to one partner and moderation in the use of all the senses.  In any relationship, the most important factor is genuine love and friendship, expressed through mutual consideration, loyalty, and unselfishness.  What is to be avoided is promiscuity and living too much on the level of the senses, as this ultimately brings physical and mental suffering.

We encourage each individual to accept himself as he is and to strive to live a  God-centered life according to the moral principles mentioned above.   Each one of us is a soul- a child of God- and the soul is neither male nor female, as you have said.  That is only the outer garb the soul wears in a particular lifetime.  The ultimate goal is the same for us all: To rise above body-identification and to be reunited with God.  Far more important than one’s sexual orientation is the inner effort one is making to love God and to express His goodness in one’s life.

You are fortunate in having a loving and understanding family, and I know your heart goes out to others who may not have been as fortunate.  Through your prayers, your example, and your sincere caring you can help others to see that it is not a person’s sexual orientation but the soul qualities he cultivates that matter most.  The soul is our true Self, which outlasts this physical form.

Thank you for the photographs you have shared and the poem you have written expressing your love for God and Guru.  May they bless you always in your efforts on the spiritual path.

God bless you

Sri Daya Mata


Sister Shanti’s personal answers to a devotee whose friend was suffering with AIDS

– If he goes through this with the right attitude, he will skip incarnations ahead—to a soul level indescribable—to the highest part of our nature—to the fullness of our highest nature.

 ** **

 – When we bring the light in, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled.  One way to overcome cancer, aids, etc. is to go into our highest consciousness.

 ** **

 – The accumulated experience of our lives—our personality—is not us…is not who we are.  That’s just the scenario of attitudes and habitual thinking.  We are the actors, just playing our roles.  That’s nothing! That’s just the movie.

 ** **

 – Keep turning toward the high soul level which is divine—pure and whole and  perfect—not the personality.   The soul is untouched by the movie—free…with God.  This is…our truth.

 ** **

 – We are all wise, the ever-loving soul.  If you go through this with the right attitude, you can achieve the highest possible victory and soul-connection to the Creator.  [Then] the negatives, the knots in one’s consciousness, like dead leaves fall away, pass away, leaving our pure selves—pure consciousness, pure absolute—absolute being-ness!  We are learning to make the shift to that true reality.

 ** **

 – We are in the movie; we can use the experience as a stepping stone, just being there with the right attitude: “Thank you, Lord, for taking the chains [of delusion] off me.” (Experiencing joy, only joy!)  Instead  of going with the negative, go with the truth.

 ** **

 – God made us out of Himself—all wise, all perfect, all powerful, all love, all joy.  We are all made thus.  Turning toward truth, His reality, is a full-time job!

 ** **

 – Our soul is untouched, unharmed by all this.  In the Gita, it says “the soul cannot be burned, drowned, etc.”   “I am *That*.” [the soul, Spirit.]  *That* is what He is.  In Spirit we are one. We bind ourselves to our imperfections by the play, the drama, by feeling guilty or hurt by them.  *We are not stuck!*

 ** **

 – We stick ourselves to our karma.  We could be freed but we are too fooled by our  experiences, by delusion, the play.  The reason we exist is to get back to God.  He sent us out; that’s His play.

  ** **

 – We go to a movie, come out and say it was great, fun, or terrible; but we know it was a movie.  We write the movie and we act it out.  We just have to choose another scenario, bring the light into darkness—then *pain * doesn’t exist.  Know what you are: “I stand in *beauty*, the magnificent soul.”  *Beauty*—that is the soul.  All the saints say they were caught up [in their elevated experiences] in overwhelming *beauty.*

 ** **

– About your friend: This is his life now for the future.  He can make this work for himself [as] only joy, only love, only beauty.  It is his choice.  It’s work!  He will choose his way of going through this, coming out whole and on top.

 ** **

 – Friendships become divine; everything you do will reflect on your friend.

 ** **

 – When you are taking someone with you, you are really serving.

  ** **

– You have to do for self; in the doing you will encourage others to emancipate themselves.  As you choose your way of going through this, others will be edified and have the example—and the miracle will take place.


Sister Shanti, devotee notes


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