An Intimate, Personal Relationship With God ~ Bro. Anandamoy

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I was very fortunate.  [Master] kept me there (in the desert) …about 2 ½, 3 months and that was the best time of my life…he came out every day two, three, four times and that was just wonderful.  And he, being the Divine Sculptor, hmm? he didn’t miss an opportunity to chisel on this blockhead (laughter).   And I’m eternally grateful for that because I knew I needed it, I knew he cared, he LOVED me.   And so once in a while if you have a hard time, you think the Divine Sculptor is chiseling.   He LOVES you.   Ok?


The Essence of the Whole Teaching

So it was there out in the desert, one day he told me I had to go back to Los Angeles…And when I said goodbye to him, he said—and I want you to understand that because that wasn’t only for me, that’s for all of you–he said:


And then later on when I thought about this I thought, with these few words he gave us the essence of the whole teaching…


Bringing God down to a concept that we can understand

What is God?  We have said Infinity, Eternity–the mind cannot understand that.  How can you love what you cannot understand?  And that is why Krishna said, and Master very much said, God loves the personal relationship with his devotees.  So we are bringing God, that Infinite, down to a concept of God that we can understand.

And I have many times at convocation recommended that little book by Daya Ma…Enter the Quiet Heart.  And there she’s says it is important that you are choosing a concept of God that rouses devotion in you.  And so…in the prayers that Master gave us we pray to Heavenly Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God.  That we can understand…So it’s up to you.

And there is another one, we also pray ‘saints of all religions’ because every religion has produced great saints, men and women. And so, there is another aspect. There was a great rishi in the higher age in India, and he said, if you cannot think of the Absolute—and you can’t, until you have realization, you can’t—then he says think of the form of an avatar.

And he didn’t say which one, you know?  You have the choice, you have the choice, because every once in a while God comes down as a human being, takes on human form, acts like a human being.  That’s why they usually are not recognized while they are here, only afterward when they’re gone they think, oh my God, that was an avatar.  And so He came down as Rama, He came down as Krishna, He came down as Buddha, He came down as Jesus, and some others and our line of Gurus.

And I think most people didn’t recognize it.  Even in the Bible…when Jesus said that he is going away soon, and there was one of the disciples, Phillip, who said, “Show us the Father!”  And Jesus said, “You are asking I should show you the Father? You have seen ME, you have seen the Father.”  And I bet you that Phillip didn’t understand, except much later when Jesus was gone.  Because they’re so human, so kind and so loving. They eat and they sleep and they cry…They’re so human that they cannot understand until later on.


Ishta, your concept that you can love

And so to me I like that, an avatar, because I knew I could relate to Master because I saw in him divine qualities, and he gave me a couple of experiences right from the beginning, I thought, this is not an ordinary saint.  So I thought of him.  But not saying that you have to choose this particular ishta.  Ishta is a word, your concept, your idea that you can love. And then work on it to have an ever deeper devotion, an ever deeper personal relationship. Because eventually then, as you grow spiritually, that little concept will expand and becomes the infinite…

A saint said, when you go to meditate remember God is there within.  And then don’t think much, LOVE much.  (Brother tells stories of people who came to Master with the wrong attitude, no devotion, just wanting to talk, etc.)


Pure devotion, pure devotion

…story…a Sunday service at Hollywood Temple, and people were gone…and the last person that went to him was a young girl, and she went up to Master, didn’t say a word.  She knelt down.  Just knelt down before him.  And Master put his hand on her head in blessing, and he said, “Good girl. Good girl.”  I’ve never forgotten that.  It was a very sweet picture.  Very touching.

…Krishna says, ‘By unswerving devotion to God, by love for him so complete that there is no room for thought of self.’  Pure devotion.  Pure devotion.


You ARE in the presence of the King

There was a saint who said, God is leading us by light and darkness.  And those dark periods they are very necessary and they are very precious because they are teaching you unconditional love without asking for anything.  And if you feel at the time, maybe you feel like dry like desert sand, then you remember Master said, “Wanting to love God is loving God.”…It was a saint who said, what difference does it make whether God is leading you through the desert or through flowering gardens. The main thing is, you’re getting there, where you want to go, back to God.  And the same saint said, I really like that, I really like that—he said, Be like the courtier who goes to the court of his King, and if the King does not talk to you, remember you ARE in the presence of the King. And that’s enough.  That is a very, very beautiful saying.

It is when you go into meditation, you go to your King, or your Divine Beloved, inside in your heart, in your Christ center, you go into that Presence.  And if he doesn’t talk to you, meaning if he doesn’t give you any particular experience, it’s OK.  Because you are in the presence of God.  And that’s enough.


Just be there, and love

You know, you have to cultivate that.  It doesn’t come by itself. You have to cultivate that. Until you have a deep, personal relationship with God.  That doesn’t come by itself. Y ou have to cultivate it.  And there is a saint who said, There is none more intimate or affectionate than God…

God is Love, and you have to build, you have to cultivate exactly that.  The intimate, affectionate God…And then when you go into meditation, you are with that God.

And then what do you do?  Not asking ‘What do you give me?’   Just be there, and love.


The joyous expectation to be in the presence of God

I remember Master saying, “Go with joyous expectation to meet God in meditation.”  And I think when people see that they do not understand what Master said.  Going into meditation with joyous expectation, people think, oh now, what do you give me?  He didn’t mean that.  He didn’t mean that.  It is the joyous expectation to be in the Presence of God.

Just as when Master was here physically, when we had the opportunity to see him, it was with joyous expectation.  And we didn’t think, what do you give me?  No, it was enough to be in his Presence.

And this, it doesn’t come—I repeat myself on purpose—you have to cultivate that thought, that concept of a Loving God.  And Master said, “Just lose yourself in your love for God.”  Lose yourself meaning forget self.  He’s there, He’s there, and I am in his Presence.  Think of it.  You have to cultivate that concept.  Then when you go into meditation, you are with that God. You are with the Divine Beloved, or the Divine Mother, or whatever concept you have, you are there.  And then LOVE, and that’s all.

So this is it, “KRIYA YOGA PLUS DEVOTION.” That is the great teaching that our Guru brought to us. It is the teaching of the higher ages.

God bless you all. 

Jai Guru.

excerpts from “Kriya Yoga Plus Devotion” DVD talk, Brother Anandamoy

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