Christ Appears to Yogananda ~ “I am not the author. It is Christ”

SCC MASTER COLLAGE_Fotor_CollageOn August 1, 2004, at the beginning of the SRF World Convocation, the new scripture The Second Coming of Christ was unveiled.

Paramahansaji tells of Christ’s appearance to him, blessing him and the new scripture

“I am not the author. It is Christ.” The Second Coming of Christ ~~

My singular desire to discern rightly the true meaning of Christ’s words was given wondrous confirmation one night during a period when I was working on these interpretations.  It was in the Hermitage at Encinitas, California.  I was sitting in my darkened room in meditation, praying deeply from my soul, when suddenly the blackness gave way to a celestial opal-blue effulgence.  The entire room was like an opal flame.  In that light the radiant form of the blessed Lord Jesus appeared.

His face was divine.   His appearance was of a young man in his twenties, with sparse beard and moustache; his long black hair, parted in the middle, had a golden light about it.  His feet were not touching the floor. His eyes were the most beautiful, the most loving eyes I have ever seen. The whole universe I saw glistening in those eyes.  They were infinitely changing, and with each transition of expression I intuitively understood the wisdom conveyed.  In his glorious eyes I felt the power that upholds and commands the myriad worlds.

As he gazed down at me, a HOLY GRAIL appeared at his mouth.  It descended to my lips and touched them; then went up again to Jesus.  After a few moments of rapt silent communion, he said to me: “THOU DOST DRINK OF THE SAME CUP OF WHICH I DRINK.”

At that I bowed down.  I was joyous beyond dreams to receive the testimony of his blessings, of his presence…His words meant that I was drinking of his wisdom through the Holy Grail of his perceptions which he has dropped in my consciousness, and he was pleased.  He approved very dearly and blessed me for writing these interpretations.  This I can say without pride, because the interpretation of Christ’s words herein is not mine.  It has been given to me.  I am happy this book is coming through me: but I am not the author.  It is Christ.  I am only the vehicle through which it is explained.

Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ in U.S.

The Second Coming of Christ, in India


Daya Mataji and Mrinalini Mataji unveiling The Second Coming of Christ

The disciples asked Jesus, “Why is it you speak to the masses only in parables?”  And Jesus told them, “Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given because they seeing, see not and hearing, they hear not, neither do they understand.” 

 In that darkened age Jesus drew around him those disciples who would record and preserve his words, that someday they would be known in their fullness.  In his interpretation of the teachings of Jesus it was Master’s wish to convey the thoughts and consciousness of Christ that were behind his words when he uttered them.

 Most masters come and they share a few divine pearls of wisdom, and then they leave.  But Master is different.  He not only poured out an ocean of divine wisdom, but he keeps urging us to drink of it…There is such a treasure trove in his writings.  They are so extensive, so thorough, and he repeats these truths for us in volumes of his wisdom.

 Master said, “You must know my teachings backwards and forwards.”  Treasure each book of Master’s even if it seems difficult to comprehend.  Read it anyway.  It will make sense eventually.  Don’t pick and choose from the teachings.  “In the twelve years working on The Second Coming, I cannot stress to you enough how much it changed my consciousness,” Mrinalini Ma said. “Just read it, and you will see this point and that point – you will get it.  Just keep reading.  He put them in writing to be given to you.” 


 The Second Coming of Christ — Digital Rental

second coming of christ dvd


This inspiring program provides a firsthand glimpse of Paramahansa Yogananda’s groundbreaking commentary on the Gospels — through reminiscences of two of his foremost disciples, Sri Daya Mata and Sri Mrinalini Mata. Interspersed throughout are archival photos of the Guru accompanied by rare recordings of his voice. A deeply moving documentary that will instill in viewers’ hearts and minds a lasting desire to experience for themselves the true Second Coming — the awakening of the Christ Consciousness within their souls.
Running time: 30 Minutes

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