The Virgin Mary, the Divine Mother ~ Bro. Anandamoy

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”  …the Cosmic Virgin Mary, the Cosmic Intelligent Consort of God.”

 God Talks With Arjuna, Paramahansa Yogananda

There is a cosmic metaphysical symbolism in the wondrous conception and birth of Jesus.  His incarnate Christ Consciousness came immaculately through the Virgin Mary.  Likewise, the universal Christ Intelligence was born or reflected in the comic body of pure vibratory creation (Cosmic “Virgin Mary”) through the instrumentality of God the Father.   The Holy Ghost Cosmic Vibration, AUM, Maha-Prakriti is analogous to the Cosmic Virgin Mary because it is thus the mother of the immanent Universal Christ Intelligence, the Son of God, and of all created objects.”

The Second Coming of Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda


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Now when we talk about Divine Mother…to a western person, western mind, to a certain degree this is very difficult to understand.  The Hindu has no problems at all because what is to them the Divine Mother is the universal Shakti, the universal power.  It is that aspect of God which is dynamic.  The One aspect is beyond creation, quiet, no manifestation.  And all that is manifestation, the whole cosmos, that’s the Mother…

The fourth arm (of Ma Kali),  that’s really the Mother that we are appealing to, that’s the sweet aspect.  And that means, “Fear not my child. I am your Mother. Come to me. I give you my unconditional love. I give you salvation.” And so it is usually when we talk about Divine Mother we are thinking about that aspect—Infinite Compassion, Infinite Understanding, Infinite Mercy, Forgiveness, Grace of God. That’s the Mother…

The Infinite variety of aspects of Divine Mother…Divine Mother has also manifested in the west.  They call it Virgin Mary and they say it is the Mother of God, but it’s really the Divine Mother.  To some devotees She has said, “I am the Mother, I am your Mother, I am the Mother of all.”

St. Therese of Lisieux, in her autobiography, wrote ‘Divine Mother’ and they later on crossed it out and said she was sick, she couldn’t have meant that.  They wrote in ‘Mother of God.’  Not true.  She meant Divine Mother.

Our Lady of La Salette


So in France, in La Salette one time, she appeared to two little children who were tending their flocks, crying, crying, crying because her human children had gone astray and she said, “Tell them! Tell them! They have gone away from the ways of God and because of this a great famine will come into the world. And tell them, please tell them, to go back to the ways of God and if they do, the famine will be avoided and they won’t suffer.” Still crying, crying she disappeared.  And those children went to the village and that news spread all through the villages, the whole region there, and they DID change, and the famine did not come, and they did not suffer.

excerpts from The Mother Aspect of God, DVD/Rental,  Brother Anandamoy

Goddess Mary, India

GoddessMarySRF Magazine Nov Dec 1960 India

 Sanskrit inscription: 

“Salutations to beloved goddess Mary!  May your blessings be showered upon us.”

Self-Realization magazine, 1960


The Mother Aspect of God, DVD/Rental

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