Daya Mataji, an Ecstasy with SRI KRISHNA ~ Sananda Lal Ghosh


Sri Daya Mata in samadhi in India, with Swami Shymananda and Mrinalini Mata

samadhi mri ma Shyamananda

In 1958 Daya Mata and Ananda Mata came to India to serve Paramahansaji’s Yogoda work.  Daya Ma and her party visited 4 Garpar one day; I took them to see a spiritual movie on the life of the great saint Sri Chaitanya.  Prabhasda, Mejda’s [Yogananda] and my cousin, was also with us.  We sat in the balcony.
Towards the close of the inspiring movie, as Sri Chaitanya was singing in ecstasy, “KRISHNA! KRISHNA!” Daya Mataji leaned back in her chair in samadhi.  When the film ended, everyone left the cinema, but Daya Ma remained lost to this world in her deep meditation.  The attendants came to turn off the lights.  When they saw Mataji in ecstasy, they left a dim light on in the balcony and went downstairs to wait.  Silently we sat with Daya Ma.  It was almost an hour before she began to come out of her ecstasy; we escorted her downstairs.  Seeing that the workers had been delayed, she asked them to excuse her.
With one accord, they offered their pranams to her and said, “Our cinema hall has been blessed today.  Great is our good fortune!”
by Sananda Lal Ghosh, younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda

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