Surrender and Keeping the Mind On God, Stories ~ Sw. Krishnananda

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 Om is creating the whole creation.  Om is light, Om is sound, be one with this sound, then you will be one with creation and then you will find anand (bliss).  Then you will experience only joy.  Then you will not see ill health, not even if you have cancer, then even if people criticize you left and right you will not feel anything.

There was a saint who was always criticized by one person.  Whatever the saint did this critic found fault with the saint. One day the saint’s disciples came running to him and said, “Master, we have wonderful news for you.  Your greatest critic is dead.”  At this the saint said, “Oh, that is very sad, I have lost my dearest friend.  Because of him I could always keep my mind on God.”


After the Mahabharata war was over and Krishna was going back to Dwaraka, he asked Kunti to ask for a boon, which He would certainly grant her.  And what did Kunti ask, not for wealth, or peace or an untroubled life.  She said, “Grant me O Krishna, enough troubles, so that my mind is always centered on you.” It is not so important to have a smooth life.  A smooth life is not a victorious life.  When things are easy, we easily forget God and get lost in playing in the world.  What we undergo outside is not relevant.  When we strengthen ourselves from the inside, when we strengthen our relationship with the divine, which is most important.

There is such a beautiful thought in the Spiritual Diary today:

November 4:  Simplicity: It is not wrong to tell the Lord that we want something, but it shows greater faith if we simply say: “Heavenly Father, I know that Thou dost anticipate my every need.  Sustain me according to Thy will.”  Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Tell God, I will not ask you for anything, you sustain me according to your will.  I want this, I want that is okay in the beginning.  But as we grow we must develop more and more surrender.

Swami Krishnanandaji, from devotee notes







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