Forgiveness: Experiencing the Compassion of God ~ Brother Saralananda


Sometimes it’s hard to forgive another person. Have you ever held a grudge?  We’ve all been through these experiences.  Eventually these experiences teach us that holding a grudge lessens our peace and prevents us from feeling God’s presence within.

Deep meditation, perfect control of feeling, and holding onto the deep after-effects of meditation lead to samadhi.

Forgiveness leads us deeper into communion with God.

Affirm from Metaphysical Meditations – page 80:

“Today I forgive all those who have ever offended me.  I give my love to all thirsty hearts.  Both to those who love me and to those who do not love me.”

We can practice these affirmations to weed the garden of our hearts.  Weed out resentments.

Focus more on improving how we treat other people and less on how they treat us.

Have I created inharmony?  Is there something I can learn to retain my calmness when someone else is losing their calmness?

Refine yourself first.  Humbly and lovingly change yourself.

Master said, “Don’t think much about reforming others.  Think about reforming yourself.”

If you can be an angel at home, you can be an angel everywhere.

To forgive means to harbor no feelings of hatred or vengefulness.

Sri Daya Mata said that when you have to speak something unpleasant to someone, do it with love.  Act with love.

This will show us the clear way, the best way to deal with challenges in our daily lives.

Separate the wrong action from the doer of the action.  Wrongdoer is the right word, rather than sinner.  Condemn the wrong doing not the wrong doer.
Jesus – “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.”

God’s loves us no matter what we do.  If we love Him with all our hearts, He forgives us.

Divine Mother loves us with all Her heart, but the law of karma is exact.  Fortunately, we’ve been given Kriya Yoga and through that we can burn off our bad karma so we can live in the love of Divine Mother all the time.

Divine Mother’s attitude towards mistakes: God loves every soul.  Every soul is a holy receptacle filled with this divine love.  Divine Mother is pouring a flood of divine love into your soul.  Eternal unchanging love for you.

Divine Mother said to Master (and to us), “Always have I loved thee; ever shall I love thee.”

**From The Second Coming of Christ – Discourse 71 

God’s unconditional love for all his children. Visualization on page 1397:

Try to imagine the love spoken of by Jesus in these verses. Close your eyes, put your attention on the heart, and feel the greatest love that you ever felt for another person. Let that love saturate every cell of your body. Now expand the feeling of love, like an encircling sphere embracing your family, friends, all your loved ones. Feel your love ever increasing; include in that sphere all the people in your city, then all of your country. Now everything in the world is bathed in that love. The whole earth, the solar system, the far-flung galaxies and island universes—everything is floating in this vast sphere of love. Feel, meditate on, merge yourself in that love which permeates and upholds the infinitudes of manifestation—a demonstrable presence of God’s heartbeat of bliss, setting the pace of cosmic harmony and unity, and known to the devotee as the All-in-all fulfillment.

Ways to Forgive

Forgive them for they know not what they do.

Law of Karma – forgiveness of sin.  We experience the consequences of our actions.  We gradually learn to live according to His eternal laws.

A thought or physical act does not cease to be.  They leave as impressions or samskars.  We have a lot of good samskars to meditate, practice love for God and others.  But the bad inner samskars can make us restless as we try to meditate and they pull us back to the world of the senses through the restlessness we feel.

Samskars produce restlessness.  The only way to stop this is by removing the cause.  When you deeply meditate, God’s light of divine wisdom cauterizes those seeds of undesirable karma stored in the deep recesses in the brain.

When we are praying to God, we can ask Divine Mother to roast those past seeds and to forgive our sins so we can be with Her.

Prayer to Divine Mother: Divine Mother, naughty of good, I am Thy child.”

If we make more of an effort to make God more a part of our lives, make more of a commitment for the inner life, Divine Mother will forgive us.

Make a sincere effort to practice meditation techniques and ask Divine Mother to forgive us and to reveal our true selves – a samskar BBQ!

In meditation, when Master asks how you’d like your samskars cooked – say, “extra crispy!”

Divine Mother, now I know you are the goal, please forgive some of my burdens.

The deeper we go into meditation – the better the BBQ.

If we love God with all our hearts, he wipes out our karma.

Burn away the seeds that bring us back to the material world.

At a deep level that we cannot feel, the seeds are being roasted through the grace of God and our divine guru.

Meditate daily.  There’s such a redemptive karma in meditation. You are burning off more seeds.  The seeds that are burnt cannot come back again and you are forgiven. We draw closer and closer to God.

Meditation is not the only BBQ in town.  When we sincerely forgive others, God sees that and He burns out some of our seed tendencies.  God will relax the karmic law and forgive the forgivers.

Say in your heart, “I forgive you.” The bad person is not released from their karma, but our forgiveness sends the other person love. This gives them an opportunity to change their ways.  If they feel this, they may be able to change.

We can also pray to God for their forgiveness: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” We can ask God to forgive the person of the consequences of their actions. Then we will feel God’s love in our hearts.

Nursed grievances work like acid in the fibers of your peace.

To forgive others, think of all the good, loving qualities of that person.  Dwell on positive thoughts.  This will help our emotional state, strengthen our good inner tendencies, and weaken our bad inner tendencies.

When a good thought becomes concentrated during meditation, this can burn up at the roots traces of evil actions.

When we realize what ill will does to us and our meditation, we will want to pull out these thoughts of resentment.

If we harbor positive thoughts and love for God, there will be this purification process at a very deep, metaphysical level.  Then we can go more deeply within to feel God.

The more one establishes himself with the Absolute and never deems himself a sinner, the more one will feel God’s mercy.

Why identify yourself with weaknesses?  Instead, affirm the truth – I am a child of God.

Forgiveness is an eternal quality of the soul and of Divine Mother. How blessed we are to have the inner embrace of Divine Mother and our Guru.

Hold onto the calm after-effects of meditation ~ these lead to samadhi.

2016 Convocation – “Forgiveness: Experiencing the Compassion of God”
Brother Saralananda, devotee notes


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