Mukti Mata’s Counsel to a Gay Devotee

I love Mukti Mata, though I had only spoken with her a few times.  When I had first come on the path in 1988, I called and asked to speak with a senior monastic.  She came on the phone, and we spoke for about twenty minutes.  I asked her so many questions, and she was so kind and sweet in all her answers.  This was the most important point: I asked her if being gay was a problem or if I could still follow Guruji, and she said it didn’t matter one bit and that Guruji had a gay disciple when he was in the body, and Guruji said of that disciple that he would achieve self-realization in this lifetime.  So she said it had no bearing on one’s status as a beloved disciple of our Guru, but that gay people still must follow the same moral laws of monogamy and loyalty in relationships.  She saved me from so much self-flagellation and hatred as did Brother Santoshananda who also holds an enlightened view on such subjects.  I am forever grateful to her.  Once when I was at convocation, she was counseling a woman and I saw her from behind. I wanted to test her, so I said to her silently in my mind, Hi, Mukti Mata! She turned all the way around in her chair and smiled at me.

an SRF devotee


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