Mother Teresa and YSS, and a devotee story


YSS Swami Shantananda with Mother Teresa beginning a joint project



Sw. Shantananda reading the Prayer of St. Francis with Mother Teresa

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Letter to Daya Mataji from Mother Teresa

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YSS and Mother Teresa working together


Hi Dear Friends,

I hear tomorrow  the pope is going to canonize Mother Teresa.  Deservedly so.  Not that she needs any approval from man as God has pinned the Divine badge on her long ago.  Still it is awesome, correct and proper for man to pay respects to Saints as they show us the way back to our true home.

I first heard of this event to happen this past week in the union paper. The journalist started off the story by saying he first met her in Kolkata (Calcutta)*…where she was picking the maggots off of a dying man in the street. He said, ” I would not do that for a million dollars.” She replied, “Neither would I.”

I met her myself once when I was just starting on my spiritual path back in 1976 in Vancouver Canada.  A devotee of Ramakrishna and myself heard she was to give a speech. We decided to go and when we got there, there was standing room only outside the building.  We could not get in and chided ourselves for not getting there early.  So I said to my friend, ” lets go bang on the side door. Maybe someone will let us in.”  So we did.  The door opened and the man immediately said before we could get a word out, “You must be from the press, follow me.”  You see my friend was into photography and had a large box camera on a large tripod with him.  Hence the mans confusion but we said nothing and obediently followed him into this room where we were about 25 feet from her.  There were several journalists already there snapping pictures so we started snapping too.  Then the time came for questions and each journalist got to ask a question.  I remember them being all silly questions.  They didn’t see her as a saint but as someone seeking money, power or fame.  I was revolted by the questions but she was very graceful and charming.  Then I figured that since I was in the line my turn to ask a question was coming.  I was very nervous and tongue tied to say the least.  However I had to say something so when my turn came I just said, ” Mother Teresa on behalf of Self Realization Fellowship I would just like to welcome you to Vancouver and hope your stay is enjoyable.” and then I swallowed.  She smiled ever so sweetly and said “God Bless you.”  Soon after that the event was over and she was just mobbed by her adoring fans.

God Bless.

an SRF devotee

*Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Kolkata) was canonized as a saint on September 4, 2016.  Her feast day is September 5, the day of her passing (in 1997).  In recent years the spelling of Calcutta has been changed back to its pre-British spelling of Kolkata.  


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