“We Would Have Crawled on Our Hands and Knees…” ~ Bro. Anandamoy


Now, somebody asked me, ‘Are you going to tell stories of Master?’  And I said, yes, I did that in the past, but just a couple.  Because I want to review with you a few practical points.  And possibly it will help some of you to have deeper meditations and a deeper relationship with Master.  Because you can hear all the stories of Master and you still do not get the picture, because the human mind cannot understand an AVATAR.  It’s impossible.

There’s a story in the Bible about that.  When Jesus said to his disciples that he is going to leave soon, and one of them—I can imagine he was frantic—said, “Show us the Father” before you go.  And Jesus said, “I have been so long with you and you have not known me.  He who has seen me has seen the Father.”  And I’m sure as is happening now, he didn’t understand.  And we have the same thing with our Guru.

As you know he came in 1920 to America, to Boston to attend the Religious Congress.   Then he stayed in Boston for, I think, about three years.  And much of the time he stayed in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Lewis.  And Dr. Lewis said one time to me, “You know, Master and I were the same age.”  Dr. was two or three months younger.  And they were twenty-seven when Master came– can you imagine?  And then he said, “Master and I were like brothers.”  And then years afterward he said to me, “If we had known who and what Master was, we would have crawled on our hands and knees in front of him. We wouldn’t have dared to look at him.”


Dr. Lewis pronams before Paramahansa Yogananda

But that wasn’t what Master wanted.  He came playing the role of a human being, loving, coming down to show us the way, to help us.  Incredible, think of it, that INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, coming down in a HUMAN body.  Incredible love and compassion.  And that is why Sri Yukteswarji said, “Think of the Guru with great love, great love.”

But if you are considering who or what Master was, the body isn’t here anymore, yes, but the CONSCIOUSNESS is here. And this is what we have to develop to get into the practice to know he’s here, he is not gone.


from  “Awakening Devotion–The Yearning of the Heart that Takes You to God”—Bro. Anandamoy, DVD




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