Daya Mata, 100% devotion, 100% obedience, 100% loyalty ~ Bro. Anandamoy


Fifty years ago our beloved Daya Mataji entered these ashrams to dedicate her life to God and Guru.  And probably she didn’t realize that she was destined to become the leader of this organization.  But it was a blessed day for all devotees in these ashrams and throughout the world.

 I remember in 1950 when Guruji left for the desert to finish up his writings.  We all gathered around his car to say goodbye to him.  And he called Daya Mataji to his side and he said, “Take good care of your body because much work and great responsibility are waiting for you.”  And I remember how surprised I was to hear these words because she was already in charge of Mother Center at that time, and I thought, ‘What more responsibilities could he give her?’

 And a little later, a few days before his mahasamadhi, Master talked to me privately, and he talked to me about Daya Mataji.  And he said, “Follow her because she has followed me with hundred percent devotion, hundred percent obedience, hundred percent loyalty.  She’s in tune with me.  I can work through her.”  And I think humanly speaking there could not be any greater joy, any deeper satisfaction, than to receive such praise from the lips of the Guru.

 And then a couple years later, when Rajarsi Janakananda entered mahasamadhi, and Daya Mataji became the successor, the spiritual head of this worldwide organization, then finally I understood that she had been chosen by the great ones long before to be the leader of this great work…

 And so it fell on Daya Mataji’s shoulders to organize the work, to build it, to expand it, to take care of the material problems, and at the same time to take care of the human and spiritual problem of all of us.  And at the same time, to keep the spiritual fire going that was lit by Master.  Not only to keep it going but to spread it throughout the world.  That it takes a spiritual giant to do.  And she could do it because she is that spiritual giant—one whose whole life, whose whole being is centered in the one thought, GOD ALONE.

from  “A Tribute of Love” MP3 download — talks given in 1981, the 50th anniversary of Daya Ma’s entry into the ashram, Nov. 17, 1931


news article Daya Ma leadership_Fotor

Los Angeles Times, Dec. 30, 1956

“Tour Shows Growth of Self-Realization Fellowship Group”

“Often a sect dies with its founder, or perhaps struggles for a few years before dissolving or melding into another faith.

“But this fate seems unlikely to befall the Self-Realization Fellowship…Yogananda built the faith upon solid foundations but he also took care to leave it in good hands…

Photo caption:  “RETURNS FROM TOUR–Sister Dayaji, president of the Self-Realization Fellowship, is presented a basket of fruit by Brahmachari Leland (Bro. Mokshananda), SRF minister, on her return here from nationwide tour.  She visited New York and many other cities.”


Bro. Anandamoy, in background with Bro. Ramananda, Mrinalini Mata and Uma Mata, following Daya Ma


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