“UTTER Attunement With the Guru”~Bro. Anandamoy


BROTHER ANANDAMOY: When you read, for instance, the story of THERESE NEUMANN in the Autobiography of a Yogi, who had the stigmata…very few people really understood.  Most people just are seeing she had the stigmata, it’s an outer manifestation, it’s extraordinary, and forget the deeper meaning of that.  The deeper meaning is that the person has to be SO in tune with his Guru, such Oneness.   And this is an outer sign that God permitted in that particular case to show.  This is the UTTER attunement so that even outer signs manifest in the body…God is teachings lessons sometimes in such a way.




... I saw that in RAJARSI JANAKANANDA.  UTTER.  He was a giant, not only spiritually but also outwardly.  He was a giant of intellect; he was the most simple of men.  He hardly talked when he was with us.  When he said anything he said, “Master’s light, Master’s love.”   He was so absorbed with it.  He radiated it.




You may ask, if [Master] was indeed a divine incarnation why did he have to go through all the training by his Guru Sri Yukteswarji, if he was already perfected?   Well, an avatar teaches not only through words, he is a LIVING SCRIPTURE, he is teaching through the example of his life.   And when you read carefully, when you read the Autobiography carefully, you find everything he wrote about his own experiences and so on, these are lessons for us.

He had disciples already long before he met Sri Yukteswarji.   When he was a little school boy, one time during class he wrote on a slip of paper, “I am your Guru,” and shoved it over to one of his classmates. [lots of audience laughter] And that boy, you know, thought it was a joke and so he very gravely shook his head at him and said, “Naughty boy, naughty boy.” But the next night that boy had a spiritual experience where God confirmed to him that indeed little Mukunda WAS his Guru…

And Master wrote…“The yogi who is One with the Father is simultaneously conscious of the smallest and the greatest happenings in the universe.” Can you imagine that, one that is ONE with God is simultaneously conscious of the smallest and biggest happenings, anything, everything in the WHOLE UNIVERSE—IT IS BEYOND HUMAN CONCEPTION.

And so he said, “…The accomplished yogi is conscious of God alone.  When he seemingly identifies himself with his body and outer works, he appears like an ordinary mortal.  But within himself he ever retains the consciousness of the ever blessed Lord.”

That’s why sometimes it’s very difficult to recognize such a great soul.  If you read the Bible very few recognized the stature of Jesus.  It was the same thing with the Master.  Many saw him, very few recognized him as what he was, because he seemingly identified himself with his body and with his outer role. “HE APPEARS LIKE AN ORDINARY MORTAL.”

A person…has to be purified to indeed recognize such a one. And Daya Mata told us that shortly before the Master left he said to her, “MUCH LATER WHEN I AM GONE, PEOPLE WILL KNOW WHAT I AM.”  And Daya Mata commented on that and she said, “Mind you, he did not say ‘Who I WAS’, but ‘What I AM’,” meaning that consciousness is Eternal, One with God.


excerpt from “The Importance of a True Guru,” Bro. Anandamoy CD/download






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