“Turn the Other Cheek; Applying the principle of nonviolence (ahimsa)” ~ Brother Vishwananda


As a teenager, I used to go to Sunday School.  There was a bully there – you know, the kind that snaps rubber bands at you, or steps on your toes – he was twice as big as everyone else.  One day he slapped me across the face … he slapped me hard, and it hurt.

Now, I had no concept of ahimsa in those days, but at that moment it came to my mind what Jesus said about turning the other cheek … and so I did. The bully promptly slapped me again on the other cheek.  So, I turned the other cheek again … and he slapped me a third time.

(A united sigh of distress from the audience)

I just stood there.  At that point I was in shock, and inside I wasn’t brave at all – but the bully didn’t know this, and he broke down crying and ran out the door, and never bothered me again.

I wasn’t a seeker at that time, but I think God was speaking to me, even then.  There is truth and a power in listening to Him.

from “The Importance of Developing a Personal Relationship with God,” devotee note


Paramahansa Yogananda ~~”Applying the principle of nonviolence (ahimsa)”

Therefore, Jesus again, as in the principle of nonkilling, speaks of the ideal of noninjury (ahimsa) to any human being—in word, thought, speech, or action.  It enjoins freedom from the desire for revenge and not resisting evil with evil methods.  Jesus advises man to conquer evil by the infinitely powerful virtue of forgiveness and love.  He speaks figuratively of turning the other cheek to illustrate the influence of goodness over inimical behavior.  If anybody vents his anger with a slap and receives a slap in return, it only increases his anger and desire to deliver stronger blows—and maybe a kick or a bullet!  A calm response, on the other hand, is quite disconcerting and disarming. With a resentful second blow his physical wrath is quite likely to be spent.  Wrath is increased by wrath as fire increases by fire, but as fire is extinguished by water, so also, wrath is subdued by kindliness.

One whose immunity of calmness and love can resist the hatred from an angry brother thereby prevents that virus of disquieting emotion from entering within himself.

The Second Coming of Christ


Bro. Vishwananda


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