“Why doesn’t SRF take stands on moral and social issues?” ~ Daya Mata, Bro. Anandamoy, Sister Mridani


Sri Daya Mata said: “One of the greatest responsibilites that Gurudeva placed upon the shoulders of Daya Ma and his other disciples was this: ‘As I have brought this teaching to you and kept it pure as it was given to me by God and my Guru, so I give you this responsibility: keep it pure, undiluted by anything’…and that is why you see that neither Daya Ma nor any of these other disciples have attempted or presumed in any way to change or to dilute with personal innovations what he taught.”


Bro. Anandamoy  …There are all kinds of activists in this society now.  And some of them are working and fighting for good causes.  And every once in a while it happens that one of those activists comes to us and says, “Here is our banner.  You take up our banner and you fight for our cause.”  And we say no, because we have our cause.  Our cause is Kriya Yoga; it is God.

And we say this because Master pleaded with us.  He said, “Keep the teachings pure.  Keep the teachings pure,” because if you’re adding all kinds of things the teachings will be diluted and pretty soon it will be gone.

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Convocation Satsanga Questions ~ Sister Mridani

Q. Many churches take a stand on moral and social issues.  Why doesn’t SRF?  Isn’t it important for SRF’s voice to be heard?

A. Master had one aim, one goal – to teach mankind Kriya Yoga – God-realization.  Master’s mission was given directly to him by Babaji.  “You are the one to spread the teachings to the West,” Babaji told him.  Kriya yoga will aid in creating a peaceful society when man gains God contact, because then we will gain the inner guidance, the intuition, the discrimination to answer and solve all of our questions.

The cure for all ills is individual Self-realization.  We have to act according to our inner guidance.  There is individual karma, and there is mass karma, resulting in negative world events.  Moral issues are important.  SRF prays for the suffering of mankind – it’s not that they don’t care. We must pray, not that suffering cease, but that whatever experiences come to each one, that by these experiences each individual learns the lesson in them.

“The earth is neither the lowest nor the highest planet,” Master said.

But I gather we’re closer to the lower, added Sister. (Laughter)   But we have the techniques that will take us to Self-realization.


Q. Why does Master use the words “man”, “mankind”, “brotherhood”?  Why doesn’t he emphasize woman’s equality?

A. It is very important to understand that the word “man” is rooted in the original Sanskrit word “manas”, which means “mind” – the uniquely human capacity for rational thought.  That consciousness is neither female nor male.  Guruji’s teachings are from a higher age.  His message would not be as clearly stated if he had used a “politically correct” “his/her”, “he/she” format.  Master emphasized the unfoldment of the perfect balance of the soul of both male and female qualities.

“MAN– The word is derived from the same root as Sanskrit manas, mind – the uniquely human capacity for rational thought.   The science of yoga deals with human consciousness from the point of view of the essentially androgynous Self (atman).   As there is no other terminology in English that would convey these psychological and spiritual truths without excessive literary awkwardness, the use of man and related terms has been retained in this publication – not in the narrowly exclusive sense of the word man, denoting only half of the human race, but in its broader original meaning. ” (SRF Publications Glossary)

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