“That sweet sorrow…the desire to love God”—Swami Shraddanandaji

“Love Him as a miser loves money, as an ardent man loves his sweetheart, as a drowning person loves breath.   When you yearn for God with intensity, He will come to you.”Paramahansa Yogananda



“Whenever you sit in meditation, again and again call to the Lord with utmost yearning: ‘My God, my God, let me feel your love.’  Go on repeating this until your mind becomes aflame with God, God, God!”Daya Mata

Guruji told Ma, “Be drunk with the love of God night and day, and give that love to all.” [Daya] Ma is continuously drunk with the love of God, she is in continuous inward absorption of that love, her stature is that love.  Awareness of that absorption of Her love brings us blessings.

When I went to see Ma I asked her the first question – how to cultivate love of God…I wanted the answer from Her own lips, from Her own God intoxicated stature…As she spoke my heart was filled with that love.  Tears were flowing down, my body was shaking, I was totally lost in Ma’s conversation.  She said, “We must have a deep desire for God, a deep longing in our heart.”  We can talk to Divine Mother (mother is closer than the father).  The little child receives tremendous care from Her.

I was reading a cartoon a few days back in which some children were discussing what they would become when they grew up.  Each child was saying, “I will become this or that when I grow up and I will do this or that.  One little child said, “When I grow up I will be a police officer and I will catch all the thieves and put them in the jail.”  The other children asked him, “Won’t you be frightened, as the thieves are dangerous as they carry guns and weapons with them?”  The little boy at once replied, “No, my mother will be with me.”

Divine Mother is always with us and yet we get afraid.  Tell Divine Mother, you want to love Her…Divine Mother is totally nonjudgmental…Tell Divine Mother, I want to love God. Try to remember when did you really want to love God – some months, some weeks, some days ago you remember how you loved God…You say I want to love God but Maya interferes …So say that I want to have the desire to love God.  As we start talking to God, the liking for the love of God, we realize it has always been there.  It has never gone away.

Sr. Gyanmata has said,

“Lord it is my chief complaint,
That my love is weak and faint,
Yet I love Thee, and adore,
O for grace to love Thee more!”

My love for you is weak and faint and not strong, continuous, overpowering as I want to have.  Yet I want to love and adore you.

Ma said to me again and again during the meeting, “Cry for God.”  The last time she had told me, “Cry for God, and let the tears flow if necessary.”  This time she did not have to say that because the tears were already flowing.  The tears can be a sign of emotional instability.  The only right type of crying, the only right type of suffering, and the only right type of sorrow is the sweet sorrow of separation from God.  Master Mahasaya said, we can always have the sweet sorrow of separation from God, even when we do not feel the love for God…When you don’t feel like spending your time with anything other than with Divine Mother, there is that sweet sorrow, that pain, suffering, the intense desire, wanting to have the desire to love God…

taken from Satsanga by Sw. Shraddhanandji (Mumbai) 26/6/05, devotee notes


Sw. Shraddhananda, front right, with Sw. Smarananandaji

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