LAY DEVOTEE STORIES of Gurus and Monastics


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SRI YUKTESWARJI’S Message in the Grocery Line ~ Bro. Anilananda story

“Joy, joy, joy, ever new joy, joy” ~ Story told of Bro. Dharmanandaji

Synchronicities between the Celebrations of Jesus and Yogananda

Painter of Christ, Heinrich Hofmann ~ SRF magazine excerpts

Playing Paramahansa Yogananda’s Cosmic Chants: A Visual Guide….Boston Devotees

Healing by God’s Unlimited Power, Yoganandaji ~ Letters from SRF Devotees

Divine Experiences With DAYA MATAJI ~ Two devotee stories

Songs Master Loved (added Youtube links) ~ devotee notes

Stories of DURGA MATA ~ by Devotee Sebastian

VIDEO: Personal Reflections of Durga Mata ~ by Karen Dardick

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, in Memoriam ~ Self-Realization magazine

Mother Teresa and YSS, and a devotee story

Yogananda’s Remarkable Encounter With LAHIRI MAHASAYA ~ Sananda Lal Ghosh, Mejda

Paramahansaji Appears to Heal and Bless in Encinitas Gardens ~ a devotee story

A Tribute to George Harrison ~ Beatle and Devotee of Yogananda

“Through the star in the blue, meet the Christ everywhere…” ~ Opal Flame chant video

James J. Lynn / Rajarsi Janakananda in Kansas City ~ A Guidebook

YSS BEGINS: Yogananda’s Dihika Ashram School, 1917

DR. LEWIS’ Great Yogic Passing on April 13, 1960 ~ Mrs. Lewis

ELVIS PRESLEY and Sri Daya Mataji

Jesus’ Brother, and the Outer Way of Resurrection ~ Story, Kamala Silva

LAHIRI MAHASAYA and the Cat ~ Story from ‘MEJDA’, by Sananda Lal Ghosh

“Church Made Dennis Weaver a New Man” – LA News Article

SW. CHIDANANDA in Dakshineswar ~ YSS devotee shares


“Ten Keys to Realizing our Dreams and Goals” ~ SRF Monk and devotee notes

Steve Jobs / Apple Computer and AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI

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