Daya Mata and Paramahansaji, the best computer engineers ~ Swami Smaranananda Story


[Daya Mataji’s] responsibilities in heading an international organization were enormous.   Her attunement with Gurudev was the key to her success as an administrator.   Many complicated issues were sorted out through her attunement with Guru’s wishes.

 I have a short story to share.  In 1985 we monks at Ranchi ashram proposed to computerize our Lessons Dispatch Operations in India.   Some of us had the experience of working with computers before joining the ashram.   And we were very confident of what we were proposing.   We convinced our Board of Directors in India.   They recommended strongly to Daya Ma for her blessings and approval.   And Daya Ma turned down the proposal.  We were a bit upset. (audience laughter)

 But we didn’t lose courage.   Two years later in 1987 we again prepared another proposal, more water tight (laughter).   All computer brains worked at it.   ‘Computerization is very necessary, manual operations cannot go along anymore.’   We sent the proposal in 1987.  Ma again turned down, saying, YSS is not ready for computers.   We were disappointed.   Obviously we knew that Ma was wrong.  (lots of laughter)

 But we couldn’t do anything.   We tried to accept gracefully, we tried.   But finally, in 1989, Daya Ma gave her blessings and approval for computerization project.   I was also one of them in the project.   When we started implementing we realized that the technology changed so much in the previous year, and if only we started the project in ’85 or ’87, we would have to redo the entire program in ’89, which meant a lot of effort, a lot of money.   But the programs we started in 1989 we are still using, 21 years later.   That’s pretty long in computer era.  (laugher)

See, we thought we were more knowledgeable and intelligent (laughter), forgetting that Daya Ma and Guruji were better computer engineers (laughter) who could foresee the future developments.

She never gave the reasons, but she felt intuitively ‘Timing is not right. Timing is not right.’   No spectacular predictions, no proud announcements what’s going to happen, but right decisions at the right time, through her attunement. 

 That is humility.

 from Swami Smaranananda’s tribute, Daya Ma’s Memorial video Part 6 1:50


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