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I remember being in Daya Mata’s office some years ago, and I was witnessing a personal sorrow, a burden that she quietly bore, as President, for the whole organization.  And it broke my heart.  And out of sympathy, I said to Ma, (she was sitting at her desk and I was sitting in a chair across from her) and I said, “Ma, I’m sorry you have to endure this kind of burden at this wonderful stage of your life, ” and the sympathy was real, but her response was unexpected.

She looked at me with a long gaze that I can only describe as Pure Power, Pure Power! and she just looked at me for it seemed a long time and then she said, and I wrote it down (afterwards). She said, “You don’t have to worry about me, my dear, I resolved very early in my discipleship that I would allow nothing to come between me and my God!”

And it was not only the words that she spoke, but it was the resolve in her voice.  Nothing would come between her and her God.  And by that it was not the outer obstacles that she was referring to because there are always outer obstacles, they are always there, maya is always conjuring something that we have to face and overcome.  What she was referring to are the inner obstacles of the ego: grief, anxiety, worry, fear, regret, unworthiness, the list is long but she had and has an unconquerable Kshatriya attitude.  None of this has any hold in her life for the simple reason that it poses an obstacle between her and God.  And for that reason, it cannot exist in her life, pure and simple, uncompromising, absolute.


And so, behind the smiles and serious look, there is this Divine Smile of a soul that is victorious over the ego, that has turned the ego from an adversary into a loyal friend and servant and this is the power that you feel from her.  She has accomplished this in her lifetime.  This is the purpose of our incarnation!  We want to achieve 100% loyalty to the soul.  The ego gets no quarter, no reinforcements.  The mandate of surrender to the soul is absolute and only then can there be friendship on the soul’s terms. Only then can you have assertive ego.

from Brother Satyananda, Inner Peace Divine Antidote for Stress, Worry, and Fear

(CD comes with an issue of SRF magazine)


Brother Anandamoy:  [A] few days before his mahasamadhi, Master talked to me privately, and he talked to me about Daya Mataji.  And he said, “Follow her because she has followed me with hundred percent devotion, hundred percent obedience, hundred percent loyalty.  She is in tune with me.  I can work through her.”  And I think humanly speaking there could not be any greater joy, any deeper satisfaction, than to receive such praise from the lips of the Guru.

see Daya Mata, 100% devotion, 100% obedience, 100% loyalty ~ Bro. Anandamoy


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A Tribute of Love to Sri Daya Mata includes excerpts from talks given by Brother Anandamoy, Sri Mrinalini Mata, and Sri Daya Mata at the 50th anniversary celebration of Daya Mata’s entry into Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashram as a monastic disciple, November 20, 1981.

This recording begins with a short talk by Brother Anandamoy. Next, Sri Mrinalini Mata, SRF President and Sanghamata, shares some of the many tributes that had been sent to Sri Daya Mata (SRF President from 1955 until her passing in 2010) from around the world for her anniversary. Then, in the main talk on this recording, Sri Daya Mata herself speaks very movingly of her years as a disciple of Paramahansaji—giving an inspiring personal glimpse of her God-imbued consciousness of divine love, humility, and inner strength that made her so beloved to thousands worldwide.

 Running time: 55 minutes

 Audio CD previously released with the Spring 2011 Self-Realization magazine

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