The Last Judgment, and ‘Saved by Jesus,’ a True Story ~ Brother Brahmananda


The Last Judgment

In The Second Coming of Christ (pp. 639-640) Master writes about the last judgment, and he says that the superconscious mind never forgets anything one has ever done:

“At the time of death, when life force and consciousness are withdrawn into the spine and brain in order to leave the mortal frame, the tabloid karmic “recordings” of every act, thought, feeling, and desire since childhood are activated and made visible.  In a flash, the soul is presented with a review of that entire incarnation – all of the good and all of the evil that person has done, no matter how thoroughly he has “forgotten.”  Viewing the sum total of the use he has made of that incarnation, the dying person is overwhelmed by a concentrated composite of his predominant feelings and desires.  If he has led a basically good life, there will be consciousness of happiness or satisfaction; if the primary “accomplishment” of his life has been to cause pain to himself or others, his mind will be overcome by great remorse or guilt.  The overriding impression – whether strongly positive or negative or somewhere in between – created by this life review is the “judgment” that determines where he will go in the astral interlude between incarnations as well as the conditions of his rebirth in a physical body.”

Saved by Jesus – A True Story

There is a well-known true story about a man named Howard Storm, who in 1985 while in Paris with his wife suddenly felt acute abdominal pain, as though he’d been shot. He was rushed to the hospital in tremendous pain, but due to under staffing at the hospital he did not receive immediate care.  It turned out that his duodenum had been perforated.  After a time, he began to feel that death was near and much to his surprise soon felt himself standing beside his bed looking down at his body lying on the bed.

His first reaction was, “This is crazy!  I can’t be standing here looking down at myself. That’s not possible. This has got to be a dream.”  But at the same time he was strangely aware that he felt more alert, more aware, more alive than he had ever felt in his entire life.  All his senses were extremely acute and everything felt tingly and alive.

Then he began to hear voices, and he saw the forms of malevolent creatures mocking him, biting him, tearing his astral flesh.  He was terrified.  In his mortal life he had always been a skeptic, but now he heard an inner voice say, “Pray to God, pray to God!!” His mind responded, “I don’t pray. I don’t know how to pray!”   The only thing he could think of to pray was the 23rd psalm and the Pledge of Allegiance. (Laughter)

Then a most unusual thing happened.  He heard very clearly, in his own voice, something that he had learned in Sunday school: it was the little song, “Jesus loves me, yes I know …” and it kept repeating.  Suddenly he wanted to believe that, and not having anything left, wanted to cling to that thought.  Inside, he screamed, “Jesus, please save me!”

Suddenly he saw, off in the darkness somewhere, the tiniest little star.  Not knowing what it was, he presumed it must be a comet or a meteor, because it was moving rapidly.  Then he realized it was coming toward him. It was getting very bright, rapidly.  Its brilliant radiance spilled over him and he was lifted up.  The light conveyed to him that it loved him in a way he had never known that love could possibly be.  He was in a concentrated field of energy, radiant in splendor indescribable, more loving than one can imagine.  He knew that he was in the presence of Jesus and the angels.

Facing all the splendor made him acutely aware of his lowly condition, and he said, “I don’t belong here.”  “Oh yes you do,” came the reply, “We don’t make mistakes.”  (Laughter)  He was given a whole life review, always feeling a tremendous unconditional love.  Then he came back to the body.  The doctors had operated successfully.  Back home in Kentucky he went to church and saw hundreds of golden angels clustered at the roof, glowing with light as the chorus sang.

In summing up his experience, Howard wrote: “God loves each of us more than we can possibly imagine.  He loves us as we are, but he gives us the choice either to accept that love or turn away from it.  He’s just waiting for each of us to say yes to it.  It sounds so simple, this idea that God is love, and that He wants us to realize this on our own.  But I believe it’s the most challenging – and important – truth there is.  Compared to it, nothing else matters.”

from devotee notes

Brother Brahmananda

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